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Kajal Patel, CNC, MSACN, has been involved with Nutrition Response Testing® for thirteen years now, first as a patient.  Then, after three years, she was inspired to change careers and become an N.R.T.® practitioner herself.  She was among the group of newly awarded Gold Seal certified Clinical Masters who spoke at the 2022 UNS Fall Symposium this past October. Described by Dr. Ulan as “living bubbles” her speech was a delight and definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it already.

“I am living my dream ever since I became a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner.  Everybody else here has these wonderful stories with their degrees and their diplomas, ‘I was a chiropractor and I did this and I’ve done this . . .’

“I was just a teacher.

“My family was already so frustrated with me, I was a ‘flop’ because I’m Indian. I’m Patel and most of the Patels end up as doctors and engineers. Then I tell them that I don’t even want to teach anymore. I want to do this Nutrition Response Testing thing.

“Today I have a practice where I see somewhere between 90, on a bad week, to 120 patients a week in 15 hours.  15 hours, because I refuse to just work all the time.

“I could not have done any of this without my UNS training. David is my friend, David, the CEO. He’s actually my consultant.  He’s always a phone call away to listen to my complications and my issues with trying to grow a bigger practice.  But more than anything else, this training at UNS is really the best training that exists.

‘So many of my friends and colleagues out there right now are distracted. They are forgetting that Nutrition Response Testing is what got them well, and what’s gotten them results.

‘Those of you that know us on social media know that we keep things very basic and simple because that’s what works.  The usual works. The simple works. What we are taught, the technique, works. There’s no need to do more than that. The rest is just having your clinical confidence and the top communication skills that you could possibly have to make what you have learned work.

“I don’t struggle at all at getting my patients to be compliant because of the communication skills that we have in the office. I just look them straight in the face and say, ‘Hey listen, I don’t know what this is and why we have to do it this way, but I’ll tell you one thing, you better take it.  Cause this is what your body’s asking you to do.’

“And they’re like, ‘I gotta get better. You’re right. I’ll just take it.‘

‘‘Good. And how about you and I both make sure your diet is as squeaky clean as it needs to be, so you don’t have to take supplements for the rest of your life.’

‘Bam. ‘Whatever you say Kajal, I’ll do.’

“Through all of it, I went back and did more education. I took better care of myself. And I have these two children and a husband who are a walking, talking, Nutrition Response Testing family.

‘There are so many people out there that I’m actually able to help. And I truly think that’s a gift. We are all very blessed to know this, to know how to do Nutrition Response Testing. Getting distracted is not the right thing. Trust N.R.T. and do what you know to do.

“You know how to use the standardized technology.  If you don’t know something, it’s simple. Make a call or send an email and somebody at UNS will answer your question or help you through it.

‘My practice has been growing 30% every year in the past five years.  I have a whole team of people that work for me, and no matter how many more patients I’m seeing I’m still only working 15 hours a week.

“And they’re the most up-beat, happiest patients that exist.”


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