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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


When I started seeing people who had a wide variety of conditions it really put our knowledge and our system to the test. But one of the early experiences I had was with children, infants.

One of the things that is the bane of new parents is these kids from a very young age start developing earaches. And boy, when a baby has an earache they don’t sleep, they just cry all night. It keeps these parents up all night. It wears everybody out. And the kids are suffering.

The doctors, immediately, diagnosing the “ear infection” (I put that in quotes as sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but symptomatically it sure looks like it) start putting these kids on antibiotics. That calms the condition down for a while. But, at what cost?

At the cost of wiping out all of the beneficial flora in their intestinal tract which you absolutely need in order to have a healthy future. This is a very bad exchange, but how could you deny a baby that’s in pain some relief? This is the only thing that will give them relief. Well, that’s common “think” out there. And that’s because it’s coming from a system that has limited tools. What does a medical doctor have? He’s got drugs. So, he tries to find a drug that will handle it.

I used our analysis system on the first baby that was brought into me with chronic earaches. The parents intuitively knew that one more round of antibiotics for their one-year-old was not okay. I said, “Well, let me check the baby.” And when I checked the baby, accessing the autonomic nervous system through the body’s own reflexes that exist on the body, using the same system that we use on adults, I found something miraculous.

At first I was totally shocked by it because I had no idea what the connection was. This is pure clinical experience. I hadn’t two and a half or fifteen million dollars’ worth of controlled FDA-regulated experiments on this. Baby comes in with chronic earaches, I can examine him and nine out of ten times the thing that shows up is heart deficiency. Heart deficiency. That’s very interesting.

First time that happened, fortunately, I had some wonderful products that helped support the heart. But how was I going to get this into an infant? This is a dried food. Most of these kids are not even up to eating foods, the first women that brought their kids in to us were nursing.

The first kid was suffering from a dysfunctional heart condition. It’s not a disease, it’s just that the muscle of the heart wasn’t strong enough. In other words, it’s deficient in nutrients that are necessary to support a growing body. These bodies are growing massively from the time that they’re born, and man, that body has to be able to push blood to this constantly growing extreme. And if it doesn’t, baby develops problems.

Well, I started feeding nursing mommas the exact supplements that I would give an adult who was having heart fatigue, problems related to a tiring, wearing out heart. The heart is just a muscle. And miraculously within two or three days the babies are well. And they don’t get sick again.

What I discovered was that these women were eating white flour, sugar, you know, the “standard American diet.” And the standard American diet causes a depletion of the various minerals and vitamins that are so essential for babies.

So, these babies were being born with vitamin deficiencies. From momma. Especially if it’s the third child. The first child gets all the viable reserves out of the mother and the mother suffers from this tremendously unless she comes to somebody who knows how to get those nutrients replenished. By the second or third kid, she doesn’t have any reserves. And these kids suffer. So, we started feeding the mother the nutrients that the baby needed, they nursed the baby, babies would get well. Literally.

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