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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

My Dear Colleagues:

I thought I would put something out that all of you who are Advanced Clinical Training (RTCM) graduates should know and be doing routinely for your patients during the Covid-19 hysteria.

It’s based on scientific research that is now abundant on sites such as and others, but which we have been using for decades as part of immune protocols (and interestingly it got started by handling serious eating disorders — and while handling them “accidentally” reversed chronic immune deficiencies!).

I am talking about a key mineral we all know about for viral immune deficiencies: ZINC. It’s practically common knowledge that when people get "common colds" it can be very effective to have them suck on zinc lozenges as part of the "cure" (along with increased Vitamin A and C products, and of course for those in colder wintery climates, additional Vitamin D).

But here is what is appearing in an increasing number of scientific publications: zinc blocks the replication of coronaviruses. How? It’s pretty technical, but it blocks RNA polymerase activity, which is the mechanism used by the virus to replicate itself once it gets inside your cells.

In fact, it is this mechanism that makes the one drug that does seem to be helping seriously ill (though the media is playing it down as it is many years off-patent, and no longer a profit center for pharmaceutical companies): Hydroxychloroquin. This drug works by driving zinc into the cells, where it blocks replication of viruses.

So, knowing this, it makes sense to ensure that your patients are not currently zinc deficient.

Just about anyone with history of long-term use of pharmaceuticals will be found to be zinc deficient. Why? These drugs apparently cause or contribute to zinc deficiency. I wouldn’t be surprised as to whether this is the hidden main reason elderly people with pre-existing conditions have the highest fatality rate. "Pre-existing conditions" is code for "already on multiple pharmaceuticals." It is these people who will benefit most from Hydroxychloroquin, but it will work even better if they are also supplemented with zinc which is probably not being administered with the drug yet.

If our patients were coming in for regular check-ups it would be a no-brainer to determine if their body could use a zinc boost, just using our standard muscle testing procedures.

But there is a tool I have used for many years, and was even instrumental in getting Standard Process to add it to their line up in the mid 1990s: which is liquid zinc used as a tester.

The "Zinc Taste Test” is something every patient can be gotten to do at home, as it is easy and safe to do, and quite effective. You can google "zinc taste test" and see how simple the test is. It’s based on the clinically observed fact that people who are zinc deficient will not taste anything when a zinc solution is in their mouths. Tasteless equals Zinc Deficiency. It means they NEED zinc.

You should each do this on yourself and every member of your family! It will give you a good subjective reality, and possibly help you and each of them!

Of course this is only my opinion and not anything approved by the FDA or any other authoritative body… and of course we would not make any claims that this mineral or the test could be used to diagnose or treat any disease.  I just know how this works as I used it in the clinic for years — starting with teenage girls with severe eating disorders, which it corrected in weeks, after failing to be handled by modern psychiatry and its devastating drugs for depression and anxiety (the usual treatment). The side effect of this was noting immune status improvement in these patients as well.

So, how do we do this ZINC TASTE TEST?

Per the Standard Process website: Have the patient "hold two teaspoonfuls (10 mL) of liquid Zinc Test in the mouth for at least 10 seconds. A lack of taste or a delayed taste perception in the mouth may indicate a possible zinc insufficiency. If an immediate taste perception occurs, the zinc status may be adequate." NB: They can swallow the liquid zinc after the test (unless they choose not to, which will only occur if they get a strong reaction to it and they actually don’t need it). But it would be harmless nevertheless.

The taste perception that occurs when the person has abundant zinc in their body ranges from an extremely sour taste or a metallic taste to a fuzzy feeling and lingering taste.

Generally, if actually zinc deficient, they start out insisting that it is a tasteless liquid. So, you have them dose themselves at 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day. Slowly, they will begin to experience a mild taste, and if they continue, it will reach a point where it is quite strong, and voila: their zinc levels are now adequate to meet their needs.  For now!

In ordinary times I would use Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate or another of the zinc tablets from other vendors to handle the deficiency. But in these times when a rapid improvement in zinc levels might make the difference in how well they can handle viral exposure, I would recommend the liquid product. Standard Process and several other companies provide larger bottles of liquid zinc for this purpose as well.

Of course, this is not the end-all be-all of immune enhancement. We have a whole tool box for that as well.  But always remember that it is their lifestyle of refined high carb foods which has slowly decimated their health reserves in the first place. And interestingly it is this very same dietary habit that makes people more susceptible even to toxic EMF radiation and other stressors.

Part of this systemic weakening effect is zinc (and other) deficiencies. This opens the door to chronic physical illness and if they are a medical client, several pharmaceutical drugs which furthers the creation of deficiencies, so much so, that these are the people most susceptible to ordinary things which younger healthier bodies deal with more easily: flu viruses such as this 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19).

So, this opens the door to something you can do for every patient who ever came in to see you — via telephonic consultation during this period of “stay at home” orders from governmental authorities.

Get them to do the Zinc Taste Test!

Start with yourself and your family.

AND PLEASE Don’t drop out the usual when doing this.  Just re-add this to your toolbox if it somehow got lost from view.

I hope this is of some help.

In health and wellness and the New Health Paradigm,

Freddie Ulan, DC CCN
Founder: Nutrition Response Testing

For more information on Nutrition Response Testing call 866-418-4801 or email us at  You can also download our FREE Nutrition Response Testing E-Book here.

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