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Bill Johonnesson, Board Chairman and co-owner of Ulan Nutritional Systems and Effective Management corporations sat down with us recently to talk about how Nutrition Response Testing® practitioners can have a greater impact on their community, and the vital importance of their doing so if we are truly going to change the healthcare paradigm in this country.

We’ve edited a short video of his comments so you can hear directly from Bill. Watch the video here.

There are tools, easy to learn and apply, that you can use to do more with less effort and really expand your practice. The benefit of learning and applying these tools effectively is a viable, expanding business and thriving clientele. Your patients will be happy and healthy, and they’ll refer others to you. Healthy patients make for a healthy practice and a healthy community.

Giving you those tools, and the wherewithal to put them into practice, is the focus of the How to Boom Your Practice seminar series that Bill will present at this summer’s Owners Retreat, June 23-24, in Clearwater, Florida. The two-day event is designed to give you the SENIOR laws you need in order to have a successful practice. . . .

Our purpose at Ulan Nutritional Systems is to change the healthcare paradigm away from a system that promotes illness as a growth model.  We have the technology with N.R.T.® to establish a new way of looking at health and wellness.  The next priority is to make N.R.T. universally available by helping practitioners to expand beyond viability and become the major health provider in their community.

As Bill says in the video:

“If I were to ask for hands raised on who is all for changing the healthcare paradigm, the current healthcare paradigm, I know that all the hands would go up. But not everybody really has a good take on what that actually requires.  If we’re going to change any paradigm, we have to increase the volume of healthy people being moved through clinics and back out into the community as healthy people.

“The owner’s retreat is an important gig, simply because of our practitioners, you, there’s not enough of you that really understand the administration of a practice and what’s required there.

“Just to give you an example, I know of a practice that could easily turn the spigot on in terms of getting in new patients. They would have five or six people ready to handle the increased volume, but what would happen is that they would get wiped out. The increased volume would absolutely overwhelm them.

“In fact, after about five or six days, people, employees, would start to leave. And so, they would wind up crashing the practice in order to get an increase in new patients. That is a problem of management. It is not knowing how to administer. That is not clinical technology.

“What you have learned thus far at UNS is clinical technology. This Owners Retreat is about management technology that helps you to actually administer your practice so that it can handle a greater and greater volume of patients. That’s what we need to make happen here in order for UNS to achieve its purpose. And in order for you to see that purpose come to life,

“Join us at the Owners Retreat. This is something that you will not regret. It may take a little shove to get you there, but get there.”


To learn more about the Owners Retreat and to register, visit  Seats are limited.


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