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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


The Essential Ingredients:

What are the three most essential ingredients for running a chiropractic practice with a successful, effective nutritional component? First are products that you can count on: products that are standard, from batch to batch, that have been around for years and have proven workability and reliability. An error I’ve seen doctors make is responding to and believing the incredibly effective slick marketing tactics used by some newer nutraceutical companies that are constantly putting out products and pitching these as the cure-all for everything that everybody needs. Unfortunately, these products very rarely live up to their promotional expectations and can lead to rapid failure.

What I have found to be most successful is to find products that have a real history and are based on science. Quite frankly, the human body hasn’t changed that much chemically and genetically and hereditarily in the last few decades. If their products have been working all this time, you can count on them continuing to work. Find the companies that have this kind of track record and capability. That’s first – products you can count on.

The next critical ingredient is a system of nutritional analysis and physical health assessment that takes you well beyond merely listing symptoms and matching supplements to those symptoms. The most effective thing we ever did was to implement a system that actually helps us to assess the status of the autonomic nervous system and the organs within the body to actually determine the correct priority for addressing the patient’s health concerns. This then gives us the guidance we need to design the right nutritional program for each individual patient. Doing this will actually bring about dramatic and lasting results at the lowest cost and pill count. Dramatic results are key to building an effective nutritional component in your practice. The way to do this is to make sure that your analysis system enables you to zero in on the priority situation that is going to create the most benefit in the shortest amount of time with the least number of pills and the lowest cost.

Lastly, have a patient management system that is designed specifically for the management of the nutritional case; a practice management system that easily handles the flow of chiropractic adjustments and nutritional visits without adding stress to the practice. It must make you capable of greatly expanding and increasing the amount of patients in your practice, with less stress and lower overhead, and when you start getting the results that we see in our practice on a daily basis, you cannot help but grow.

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