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Guidelines and Disclaimers

Practicing Nutrition Response Testing®


As a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner you need to be technically correct, of course, but you also must operate within the guidelines of the law.  The rules and regulations for your health profession can vary depending on the state you are in and it is your responsibility to know and abide by these.

There are however some general tips regarding correct terminology that you should be aware of when speaking to your patients, creating a website, promo, posting items to social media platforms and so on. The below link is to download the Clinical Directive by Dr. Ulan with correct terminology tips.

Guidelines for practicing Nutrition Response Testing®

Patient Agreement Form (Updated 2021)

There is a revised Patient Agreement form that replaces the one in the Patient Management Workshop manual prior to 2021 that you can download below. It is also important you follow the standard patient management steps as laid out in the Patient Management Workshop materials and that you accept as patients/clients only those who are Nutrition Response Testing cases and are in agreement with what you do and sign this form.

Patient Agreement Form 2021


In addition to correct terminology there also are some disclaimers that can be used on promotional materials, your website, videos and YouTube channel that provide some additional clarification for your public on what Nutrition Response Testing is and is not.  You can download these using the following link.

Disclaimers for Practitioners

Website Content About Nutrition Response Testing

Here is a link to text you can use for a webpage about Nutrition Response Testing.  It gives a simple explanation using correct terminology and has a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. You can personalize it with images from your practice if you like.

Nutrition Response Testing Website Content for Practitioners


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