Anxious to Get Going Again?

All across the country, healthcare professionals are itching to get their practices going again, build patient visits back up, and in short get things back to normal. And many states are starting to ease their coronavirus restrictions.

But unfortunately it’s not going to be quite so simple as just opening your doors again. It’s going to take a concerted push to get things going again. You’re going to have to overcome the inertia of several months of patients staying home.

The “Get Ready to Boom Your Practice” Program

To help practice owners get their practices out of the doldrums and into the stratosphere, Ulan Nutritional Systems has designed a new program which we call the “Get Ready to Boom Your Practice” program. This exciting new program consists of a series of steps that will add jet fuel to your practice and get you ready to take off.

And we have two versions of this program, the “Get Ready to Boom Your Practice” Program, and the “Great Ready to Boom” Turbocharged Program.

The “Get Ready to Boom Your Practice” Program Consists Of:

1. A detailed set of checklists of steps to take
2. Over 40 pre-designed graphics for social media posts for you to use on Facebook and Instagram
3. Pre-written bulk emails you can send out to your patient list
4. Phone script for reactivations
5. Extensive list of compliance documents
5. Resources to help with telehealth
6. Consulting to help you implement the program

The “Get Ready to Boom” Turbocharged Program Consists Of:

1. Everything above
2. Plus two marketing courses, the “Keys to Success” and “The Inner Game of Marketing”
3. Consulting to help you implement the program

And both programs are designed to be extra affordable, to make it easy for you to do them.

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