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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

The biggest breakthrough I made was discovering that there are things that can prevent the body from healing even if you do everything else right. In years of researching this and applying it to thousands of patients, we came down to the fact that there are five major barriers to healing that are the most common stressors on a body.

When you have someone who comes in with a problem and you fix it; and they come back and the problem is still there so you fix them again; and the guy comes back…if you’re constantly fixing the same thing then what you have been addressing is not the root cause of the problem.

So, if that’s not the root cause, what is? Most often it’s a hidden barrier to healing, a stressor that exists within the body itself, which, once identified can be corrected.

One or more of these five barriers to healing are what we find present in just about every patient that comes in who has been having chronic health problems and not getting well.

Major Barrier to Healing #1: Food Intolerances and Sensitivities to Common Foods

Many patients have developed intolerances or sensitivities to many common foods that were previously the mainstays of healthful diets. The big ones are grains and dairy, but sugars and other common foods that are eaten regularly can also be culprits and act as a stressor and barrier to healing when present.

The key here is that grains have been overly processed, destroying their former nutritive value, and most are raised with pesticides and are even genetically modified so they are no longer safe foods. The same applies to most commercial dairy products. And we all know that refined sugar is a key cause of inflammation and is empty of nutrients.

When a patient has sensitivities to these, they must be handled as a priority in order to make it possible for the body to heal itself. There are several safe natural ways to accomplish this.

Major Barrier to Healing #2: Hidden Immune Challenges

Hidden Immune Challenges are the next major barrier to healing. When there is a hidden immune challenge as the root cause of an organ dysfunction, nothing else you do to try to repair that organ will work. I have often compared the challenge of correcting health problems with putting out a fire in a wooden structure. The patient shows signs of adrenal exhaustion. We recommend the highest quality adrenal support products, and far too often the patient’s body does not respond as hoped for. This is like trying to repair a burning building by bringing in the carpenter while the fire is still raging.

When a hidden immune challenge is adversely affecting that adrenal gland, that is the fire that needs to be put out before we bring in the carpenters!

So, you can see that if hidden immune challenges are present, and the body is suffering from chronic viral, bacterial, fungal or parasite problems, nothing you do will help this patient until these are handled. Fortunately, this is not difficult at all, using safe natural nutritional means when you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Major Barrier to Healing #3: Heavy Metal Toxicities

Over the past few decades we are seeing more and more chronically ill patients unable to restore their health because of unsuspected heavy metal toxicity. When we first started noting these as a common denominator in many chronically ill patients back in the early 1990’s, there was no easy fix for these. Fortunately today we have quite a few safe natural solutions for reducing heavy metal toxicities which are preventing body healing from occurring, whether these are from mercury, aluminum, lead or a myriad of other metals now common in foods, water and even in the air we breathe.

When present, these heavy metal toxicities lower immune and endocrine and neurological function and are a hidden stressor which is a major barrier to healing.

Thus they can prevent recovery when other proven effective therapies are administered.

Major Barrier to Healing #4 Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals are a growing cause of inability to heal or recover one’s health. There are so many thousands of chemicals in use in common products including our foods, skin and body care products and our water, that when these are present as a barrier to healing, they must be addressed as a priority in order to enable maximal recovery to occur.

Examples include: Acetates (as in nail polishes and removers), chlorine,
dry cleaning fluids, food dyes and food colors, food preservatives, formaldehyde, pesticides, petroleum solvents, alcohols, and even fragrances in perfumes and cleaning products are some of the most common chemicals affecting people. We developed a test kit that can test for whether a chemical is affecting someone and find out which one. And with modern nutritional approaches, we can now assist the patient in safely eliminating these from their bodies while giving them lifestyle guidance that will reduce their intake.

Major Barrier to Healing #5: Scars on the Surface of the Skin

One of the most surprising breakthroughs which have been of almost shocking benefit was the discovery of something that came totally out of the blue; it’s based on some old research that was done in Germany and Russia. This is the discovery that many organs are no longer able to function optimally because of a neurological disturbance caused by operation or injury scars on the surface of the body. These scars can affect the transmission of nerve impulses of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the function of every organ and system. An explanation of how this works is not possible in a publication such as this, but the results of handling the negative impact of a scar on the autonomic nervous system
can be extremely dramatic. In fact, it has been the source of some of the most dramatic recoveries we have seen in our practice over the years. This phenomenon will be covered in depth and fully demonstrated at each level of training in Nutrition Response Testing, from the most basic Introductory course all the way to the most Advanced Clinical Training.

Finding the Root Cause

Basically, Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive method of accessing the innate intelligence of the body via its autonomic nervous system. It is done by measuring the response that the autonomic nervous system has to a non-invasive challenge, such as with our body scan and the use of proprietary test kits.

In a nutshell, when you are doing a Nutrition Response Testing analysis, you’re assessing the energetic condition of various organs and systems in the body with a relatively easy-to-do but highly technical analysis, in order to readily determine not only what needs to be addressed, but in what order — the exact priorities – in order to bring about more optimum health through safe natural means.

The key though is our ability to find the underlying root cause, and what to do about it through our 13-step procedure.

Excerpted from the eBook, Finding the Root Causes of Health Problems

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

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