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The UNS Fall Symposium takes place on October 9th, 2021. Apart from hearing Dr. Freddie and Dr. Brad give updates and insights on the latest clinical issues practitioners are dealing with today, there will also be some exciting releases. It is a virtual event, so it’s easy for everyone to attend.

One of the releases is something everyone has been requesting for years and which we are totally excited about: The first new video of Dr. Ulan demonstrating Nutrition Response Testing® “Tough Case Handling” in over 15 years!  At this specially scheduled event Dr. Freddie took on 10 of the toughest cases in the area – patients who had been struggling with deteriorating health conditions for years despite everything else they had tried.

This video is both the perfect new patient education tool, as well as a proven referral generator, as Dr. Freddie walks you through the exact steps needed to identify the hidden causes of their physical demise.

You and your patients will love watching how he applies the proven 13-step procedure without variation to resolve each case.  In the words of a veteran who was present: “This was the best seminar I have ever attended. I am so glad you are videoing it for everyone to get the same benefits I got out of it.”

“I loved doing this seminar,” said Dr. Ulan. “It is a true demonstration of the time-proven workability of our technology. Every one of these patients was a true “special case” – meaning no one else could help them.  Yet each resolved with our standard approach!  After a whole day of teaching and demonstrating I was exhilarated.  And after I personally reviewed every segment to prepare the video for release, I got excited all over again! We have a set of tools that have stood the test of time and if you master these tools, you will get results.”

Practitioners playing Dr. Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing videos in their practice have proven that it improves patient retention and increases referrals.

If you have not yet bought a ticket for the Symposium, go to and reserve your seat. You don’t want to miss this one.

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