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Executive Booster

Stably Growing Your Practice

The Executive Booster Program is designed to take you from being a Practitioner to being a “Chief Executive Officer,” boosting you up from working in the practice to working on your practice, and from being controlled by your practice to being in control of it. You will work out how every area of your practice should operate, what each area should be producing, and exactly what you need to do as the “CEO” to manage and expand your practice.

This service puts you in the driver’s seat over all aspects of your practice to ensure that it is maximally productive and achieving your goals.

  • You will use an innovative way to analyze your practice to focus on each area’s strengths and ways to improve, and how to create viability within each area.
  • Discover executive actions you can take right now to help raise your practice to a more viable level.
  • Discover what it really takes to deliver your services in the volume and with the quality you actually need in order to have the ideal practice you want.
  • Find out how to overcome blocks and barriers, and how you CAN do it!

Results from the Executive Booster

Brian Foley, DC

“I now have a clear understanding of the difference between the owner and the manager. It was like separating conjoined twins. I always thought the two were mostly the same. This is the first time in 28 years of practice that I have known the difference.”

“The Executive Booster cleared away the ‘crap’ and really defined what I needed to do as an owner. Whoever is getting the Executive Booster today is a lucky person. It really helped establish the organization in the office. Thank you for all your help, and thanks for UNS being there.”

Lisa Gordon, DC

“I am much clearer on how to expand my practice. Before this course I didn’t see a long term future. Now I see how important my office is to the community and I feel equipped to handle the responsibility of expansion so the health of the community improves. I have clarity and a full plan as to how to reach my goals.”


Zach Fatkin, DC

“The first day we struck some hard truths about my practice which I was aware of but just didn’t realize how much they were affecting me financially. Looking forward to implementing these changes as soon as I return to my practice. Onward and upward!”



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