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Executive Booster Special

Stably Growing Your Practice

For a limited time we are offering a special discounted price on the Executive Booster program.

We know that many practice owners are focused on being a practitioner and on the clinical side of their practice. But we also know that you want to help as many people as you can, and you would like to make a difference in changing the healthcare paradigm toward effective, natural treatment.

The Executive Booster program helps you to treat and help more people, start making more of a difference in your community, and to expand your operation without more hours and added stress. And without any reduction in the quality of care.

The Executive Booster Program is designed to take you from being a Practitioner to being a “Chief Executive Officer,” boosting you up from working in the practice to working on your practice, and from being controlled by your practice to being in control of it. You will work out how every area of your practice should operate, what each area should be producing, and exactly what you need to do as the “CEO” to manage and expand your practice.

This service puts you in the driver’s seat over all aspects of your practice to ensure that it is maximally productive and achieving your goals.

  • Get a clear concept of your practice, what each area is and should be producing, and how to create viability within each area.
  • Discover what it is that you need to be doing to be effective as an Executive.
  • Discover what it really takes to deliver your services in the volume and with the quality you actually need in order to have the practice you want.
  • How this all fits into your practice, how to overcome blocks and barriers, and how you CAN do it!

Results from the Executive Booster

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To find out more details about the Executive Booster Program and the Limited Time Special, fill out the form at the right, or call us now at 866-418-4801.

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