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sun12jan9:00 amJanuary 12, Decatur, GA (Atlanta)Nutrition Response Testing® Seminar9:00 am Lotus of Life Chiropractic, 603 Church St Decatur, GA, 30030 Event Organized By: Ulan Nutritional Systems Event Type :Nutrition Response Testing® One-Day Event

Nutrition Response Testing

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Lisa Provost, Nutrition Specialist & Wellness Educator

Lisa is Lotus of Life’s Nutrition Specialist, and their primary Nutrition Response Testing™ practitioner. She teaches many of the classes they offer, covering a myriad of health-related topics and showing participants how best to utilize their own diets for healing purposes. She’s also our resident Reiki master.
A parent of a child with some health challenges from infancy, Lisa’s path of healing with chiropractic care and nutrition began 13 years ago with what seemed like a simple query: what could be causing my baby’s eczema? When she discovered the answer to that question was “just about anything”, she began perusing all the literature there is on the topic of the potential causes of eczema, and then, of asthma as her baby’s symptoms progressed into respiratory distress. After over a decade of intense research and witnessing impressive healing of her own child’s chronic ailments, she’s fully convinced the answers to the body’s ability to heal and regenerate lie within the body itself, and nutrition fuels that healing, just as Hippocrates said:
“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”
Nutrition Response Testing is the most specific and detailed system we’ve found to effectively assist people in their healing from even the most daunting ailments, and we are ecstatic to have Lisa on our team, who is certified by Ulan Nutritional Systems as a clinical master of this proven method. Having observed that people are better able to express their greatest talents, are more clear-headed, and are generally nicer when they feel great, she’s made it her goal to help everyone feel their absolute best.
Lisa lives in Atlanta’s East Lake neighborhood with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and cat. When she’s not working, she’s biking, gardening, cooking, reading, watching the latest food documentary, hiking, practicing Reiki, or making her own skincare products.


The purpose of the One Day Nutrition Response Testing Seminar is to demonstrate the technique called Nutrition Response Testing and to give some introductory hands on experience.  As an added bonus, all attendees receive a complimentary nutrition check and customized program (supplements not included) so they can start experiencing the results themselves.


  • How to do a rudimentary body scan
  • How to test basic stressors to the body
  • Some of the supplements to use to help the body heal and repair

Class will start at 9:00 and depending upon the number of attendees may end as early as 1:00 or run as late as 5:00.


(Sunday) 9:00 am


Lotus of Life Chiropractic

603 Church St Decatur, GA, 30030


Ulan Nutritional Systems

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