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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

As a chiropractor, I know that the most important part of the diet for tissue integrity is your mineral intake. It used to be that you could get a tremendous amount of minerals from your vegetables and your fruits. Today, studies have shown that when you put organic grown vegetables right alongside of commercially farmed vegetables, that the commercially-raised vegetables have sometimes as little as 20% as much of the essential minerals as the organic raised ones.

So what you’re getting with these vegetables is a lot of fiber, which is not digestible, and not enough nutrients. That will, over a period of time, cause a weakness and breaking down. These bodies are so self-correcting that it takes sometimes two, three, four decades before you start paying the price of that. And what we most often hear in the clinic is people coming in and say, “Doc, I was doing fine until a year ago and I just started falling apart.” No, they’d been working on it for 20 years, and the body finally lost the ability to cope. And that’s when their symptoms occur.

So the best advice I could give to somebody is to look up websites that talk about organic foods, and learn what these foods are. You need to know the difference between organic vegetables, organic fruits, and whole grains vs. processed grains, and meats that are grass fed vs. meats that are corn fed. The same thing with fish. You don’t want to buy any fish that are grown in the U.S. lakes or farms, because they’re just too toxic with mercury and other poisons.

If they need more help than that, they really need to see a professional. And, of course, our Nutrition Response Testing professionals are trained in how to recognize dietary deficiencies, how to enable someone to improve their diets, and how to program the case so the person gets more and more control over their own health. And we educate them so that they can pass that knowledge on to their children, so you can raise a healthy family and community.

That’s really about the best advice I can give you because it’s a quagmire out there. It’s quicksand. You need professional help, but people can start with good quality food.

Now, sometimes people say to me, “But, Doc, it’s so expensive, you know? Cost me an extra 50 cents a head for the lettuce.” Well, the bottom line is the reason that it’s expensive is because they’re comparing something that doesn’t contain enough genuine replacement parts and something that does.

If you had a BMW, I doubt very much that if you saw an ad for oil at 59 cents a quart at the local WalMart that you would go in there and have an oil change with 59 cents a quart oil. Because if you do that you might survive. That car might survive one oil change, but by two or three oil changes you’re going to be having to replace a whole engine. Now, that’s $10,000. So, what’s cheaper? Buying the oil designed for a BMW at $7.00 a quart or buying the cheaper oil?

That’s what people need to realize. If people ask me, as an example, “Is any of this covered by my health insurance?” My answer is, “This is your health insurance. The only health insurance you have is your health.”

And the only way you can guarantee or ensure your own health is to put genuine replacement parts into the body. Not poisons, not junk, not garbage that the body has to somehow cope with, but actually put genuine replacement parts in.

If the person is aware enough to even be asking these questions, the one thing I can tell you about those people is that they are smart enough to realize that they need to go to somebody who can give them the right advice, so they don’t have to waste years. It took me years to figure this out, and I was educated. How can I expect the John Q public in a ten-minute talk to suddenly know what to do? I wish I could.

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