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From an Interview with Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

UNS released an updated NRT Test Kit in November of 2016 while simultaneously putting a system in place to maintain the updated Test Kits on the cutting edge and, in fact, stay ahead of the curve as new pathogens become prevalent in the environment.

The original Test Kits, developed by Dr. Ulan in 2002, were formulated to identify the underlying causes that prevented patients from responding to treatment and staying well, based on the key pathogens in the environment at the time.  They served us well and continue to work well based on what the original Test Kits are testing for.  But the environment has changed.  New pathogens have come into being.  After a year of intense research, the updated Test Kits were released to address the new reality of an increasingly toxic world.

Dr. Ulan explains here what changed and why the update was necessary.

“Over the subsequent decade and a half since that time, especially starting around 2015, we started noticing that we weren’t finding what was wrong with certain cases.  Or what we found wasn’t cleaning them up.  So, we had to do a bit of an investigation to find out what we were missing.

“We discovered that there’s a whole bunch of new bacteria, viruses, fungi, and this was the mindblower, parasites, new categories and forms of these things that are suddenly here.   There were new bugs that were in the environment, as though they were root causesbeing manufactured, and don’t anyone ever accuse me of saying that there’s anybody out there manufacturing bugs, just because it’s true.

“We did a very, very thorough research project and we found that there were a large number of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, that weren’t even around to be concerned with in earlier years, that are now predominant. So, the old Test Kits were not picking these things up.  It became really necessary to dig deeper, because now the thing that had been handling cases so effectively wasn’t, and it wasn’t handling cases as effectively because there were unknown circumstances going on.

“Well, here’s the good news on this, most of the old products that we’ve been using, most of the old standby products are still workable. But if the body’s not showing bacteria, because the bacteria the person has doesn’t match any of the bacteria that are in that library of test kit vials, you don’t know the person has a bacterium.  You test the vial; you check the arm.  If you get no reaction, you move on to the next. So, in cases where that was the case, we were back to the pre-Nutrition Response Testing® era, where if a person’s liver or the heart or spleen was testing weak, we just tried to address it by checking liver support products, heart support products, spleen support products.

“This is what was creating the biggest problem we had back in the nineties. People were just not getting well.  We found out that the reason they needed so much Cardio Plus, for one example, was because there were environmental “stressors” affecting their heart, such as bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, or foods they consumed. So, once we identified the stressors, as we call them, the five major barriers to healing, all of a sudden, the nutritional support products that were originally designed for the affected areas started working.  Finding the right reason why something was occurring in the body decreased the size of the program and made the supplements work the way they were supposed to.

“We found that the number of heavy metals had expanded from 12 or 15 to 30.  This was mind-blowing because we were missing the cases where the person was affected, for example, by a heavy metal that was not in the test kit, because it wasn’t a problem previously.  And if you can’t find what the person is suffering from, you end up running around circles, and you think maybe the technique doesn’t work. Believe me, I had my moments of doubt. I was like, oh my God. After all these years. I worked this thing out.  I tested it thousands and thousands of. . ..  How many doctors have I trained on this who were duplicating my results? And yet suddenly it’s like, oh my God, is it becoming antiquated? Is it outdated? Is there something wrong with the technique?  We found out that there is nothing wrong with the technique. If you know it, if you apply it, you get results, assuming you have the right tools.

“So, it became necessary to update those vials, to expand the number of vials. We finally completed the research project and they were ready for release, around November of 2016, and then what happened was amazing.

“There was a wave of communication coming in from all the doctors who had shown up for the release and who were now using the new Test Kits, telling me how cases that they’d had that were struggling along, people who were just staying with them because they knew they would get them well, but yet were struggling along, just struggling– when they tested them with the new test kits, they found the exact thing that was causing the problem, and that could control these things. The correct nutritional supplement for those things resolved the problem. So, they were getting results.

“The problem is that it’s all been complicated with the modernization of food production and environmental toxicity, and these updated Test Kits have made a world of difference.

“And, these Test Kits are set up by the way, because originally when I set up these test kits back in 2003, 2004, I didn’t think they’d ever have to change.   I was, you know, I’ve been a little too cocky from time to time, okay? “I’ve done it. My work is done.” But now, having this experience, what we did with the new Test Kits is that we dated the vials so that when a vial or two needs to be changed because of a change in the environment, we could just change a vial. We could update a vial while the remainder of the test kit remains valid. So, we can keep everything cutting-edge and up to date, so that we don’t run into this problem over and over again.

“it’s an ongoing process.  I don’t think that food production guys are going to reduce the number of chemicals and bugs and stuff that they’re utilizing. So, we just have to stay ahead of the curve and that’s what we’re doing.  And, if that means periodically updating a vial, now it’s just updating a vial.  It’s not the entire Test Kit, to keep us all on the cutting edge. We’ve won. Our patients will win, and this is the thing that’s going to carry us forward, for your patients, and for changing the healthcare paradigm of this country.”

The Virus 1 vial was updated in 2020 and included in all Basic Stressor Test Kits as of March 2020.  The standalone Virus 1 (2020) vial is available as an upgrade to the UNS Basic Test Kit If you purchased yours prior to March 2020.  Available here.

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