Description: Suggested for Practice Owners and their Staff to Increase Productivity and Efficiency.
Prerequisites: None.

Emotions in the Workplace
•How emotions affect your practice and life and how you can handle them.
•How to recognize and respond to each emotion that a person can manifest.
•How emotions manifest in positive and negative ways and can lead to your practice’s success or cause its downfall.

Affinity, Reality & Communication. The Components of Understanding
•The three elements that bring about an understanding of anything and how these interrelate.
•How you can improve a relationship with anyone.
•The precise tools you need to increase your understanding with everyone including your patients and staff.

How to Flourish and Prosper
•How to properly handle threats and attacks so you don’t let them inadvertently pull you or your practice down.
•The wrong way to handle suppression – a trap you don’t want to fall into. Many people instinctively go this way and fail because of it.
•The very best way to flourish and prosper. This is a very simple, practical action you can do right away.

The Primary Law of Personal Success
•What your own long-range survival should look like and how valuable final products will help you get there.
•The exact type of traps hidden throughout our current culture that suck you into low morale, failure of goals and financial ruin.
•The simple truth of what determines the basic survival level of any person or practice – and it’s not how well they have things organized.

The Secret of Efficiency
•The anatomy of control and how you can use this to get more done in less time.
•The principle of the “stable datum” and how to use it swiftly and methodically to resolve any confusion you might find yourself in.
•How to improve not only your own productivity but the efficiency and stability of your entire practice.

Improving Your Standard of Living
•The one basic economic law that determines the standard of living of any individual or group.
•Six foolish actions that practice owners often take to be popular but, in the end, collapse their practice.
•Why practices can wind up with low standards and what you need to do to fix this.

Overcoming Barriers to Competence
•The operating basis of the very able and how to adopt this right away to get more done than you ever thought possible.
•The incredibly simple solution to overcoming any manner of procrastination in your life. This is something anyone can do to immediately shift from effect to cause and kill procrastination on the spot.
•The simple truth of why some people can’t get things done and some people can. This strips away all excuses and opens the door to an immediate handling.

Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work
•What kind of effects misunderstood words can have on your self-determinism and power.
•The simple truth of how to attain happiness. Weak and dispersed people think this is too cruel to confront.
•Why competence has nothing to do with being more clever than the other guy, and what it really boils down to.

How to Make Your Strategy a Reality
•How to create an exact plan for your practice’s expansion.
•The elements of coordination that should be used in your practice by you and your staff.
• How to take your bright ideas and ambitions for the future and make them a reality.

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