Description: Suggested for Practice Owners Who Need to Improve Their Financial Condition.
Prerequisites: None.

How to Flourish and Prosper
•How to properly handle threats and attacks so you don’t let them inadvertently pull you or your practice down.
•The wrong way to handle suppression – a trap you don’t want to fall into. Many people instinctively go this way and fail because of it.
•The very best way to flourish and prosper. This is a very simple, practical action you can do right away.

Financial Planning Made Easy
•How to eliminate money worries, reduce stress, and still be able to get things you need and want.
•How to plan and control your expenses and purchases so you never go into debt, while ensuring you still invest your money in ways to make it grow.
•How to handle all forms of debt in the shortest period of time with the least amount of interest and penalties paid.

Improving Your Standard of Living
•The one basic economic law that determines the standard of living of any individual or group.
•Six foolish actions that practice owners often take to be popular but, in the end, collapse their practice.
•Why practices can wind up with low standards and what you need to do to fix this.

Keys to Success
•The one simple factor that determines a practice’s income. This fact must be known and fully followed by owners or their practice will suffer.
•The most effective way to attract interest, resulting in more patients and income. In this lesson, you will work out several different ways you can immediately do this.
•Why finance falters and what you can immediately do to get it stable again.

The Inner Game of Marketing
•The two different attitudes you can have in your practice, and why one will repulse potential patients while the other will attract them like you were their best friend.
•The two simple yet vital marketing commitments effective marketers must made to themselves. These two points alone summarize why they are so successful.
•How top marketers use good control to smoothly lead people to buy. This goes against our cultural programming but is absolutely necessary to get the marketing results we want.

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