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The Comprehensive

The Comprehensive

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The Comprehensive Practice Analysis has a Practice Management Specialist remotely evaluate your practice. You get a detailed analysis of your practice, your staff, your finances and your promotion, and find out if any of these factors are blocking you from achieving your goals for the practice. The Practice Management Specialist can also help you discover the top “Priority” that needs to be handled for the practice to grow.

Purpose & Result:  The purpose of the Comprehensive Practice Analysis is to assist the practice owner in locating the biggest barrier to the growth of their practice. From there, we will lay out a program with a plan of action on how to tackle the situation(s) that are found during the Remote Practice Analysis. Your existing resources will be taken into consideration so your program will be real and doable.

By addressing and removing the barriers found, you will experience more production, expansion and ultimately revenue!

This service used to be delivered by having the Practice Management Specialist travel to the client’s practice. However, we can get all the same data by working remotely with the practice owner and any applicable staff. So we are now delivering the service remotely, at a significant savings to the practice owner.


What to Expect During the Analysis:

The Comprehensive Practice Analysis Program is divided in three phases:

1. Data Collection: There is information that is needed to be sent to us to familiarize the consultant with your practice. Specific direction will be given to you on what is needed.

2. Data Analysis to Locate What Needs to Be Handled: Once all the information is collected, the analysis will begin. The consultant needs to have access to personnel data, financial data of the company, production records, statistics, as well as the protocol used in the office, etc. The information gathered during this analysis is confidential and treated as such.

3. Comprehensive Program to Handle What Was Found: Once the Analysis is done, the information gathered will be evaluated.

A summary of the findings will be written and sent to you along with the tailored program, specific to your practice, to address what was found.

“One of the greatest decisions I have made for my practice and patients was to introduce Nutrition Response Testing® and continue my training. Through the direction and training of UNS I am able to serve my community more in line with my goals as a practitioner. A few months ago I was encouraged to do a Practice Analysis. I am glad I was listening and took the step forward. It has been one month since my Practice Analysis. Four weeks later I had the biggest month since I opened my practice. I doubled my practice in almost every aspect, and it happened with ease. I recommend a Practice Analysis. It will help grow your practice allowing you to further fulfill your purpose. I am looking forward to continued growth and will do another Practice Analysis in the future. Thank you UNS.”

Stephanie Bahlman, DC
San Angelo, TX

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To find out more about the Comprehensive Practice Analysis and how this can help you improve and expand your practice, call us at 866-418-4801, or fill out the form to the right.

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