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With The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching you can start a Nutrition Coaching business – it’s a complete turn-key system that gives you everything you need to hit the ground running, help your clients, and start a successful business or add to an existing business as a new profit center.

And it’s a service that can be delivered via phone or video conferencing. Clients can get their coaching in the comfort of their own home. It’s the perfect service to help clients be healthy in these challenging times.

The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching can be done by anyone who wants to improve results and help patients reach their health and diet goals. In many states the service doesn’t have to be delivered by a licensed practitioner (check the regulations in your state).

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It’s a great package for rolling out into my practice quickly and easily. Instructions are clear and with just a little work on my end I have a great offering for my practice. Thanks!

Erika Schultz, LAc

I have found this course very straightforward to do and am eager to begin applying it. I think it is very comprehensive and it is great to have a ready-made nutritional coaching program that complements our Nutrition Response Testing® program so perfectly. If I had the time to design my own nutritional coaching program it would look like this, so thank you for doing all the work!

Sophie Alexander, MS

I am a certified holistic nutrition counselor as well and a Naturopathic Doctor and I have to say that this training was excellent! The program brought a lot of what I was taught and made it into a simple yet effective format that I will be excited to use. Thank you and I look forward to further trainings!

Kelly Tice, ND

Meet your instructor: Jackie Furlong

Jackie Furlong has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota and is certified as a Nutrition & Wellness Counselor with First Line Therapy, the American Fitness Professionals Association, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. She developed the Guided Nutrition Program at MetroEast Natural Healing Center in St. Paul, MN which has been successful for the past six years.


“Since implementing the Nutrition Coaching Program into our practice, we have a more educated patient who stays on their program, turns into a maintenance patient and refers others – 85% of our new patients are patient referrals!” – Jackie Furlong

Course Benefits:

  • This is an online video course which you can do from home or office.
  • Work with clients remotely via phone, Skype or Zoom, which is perfect when many clients are staying home
  • In many states nutrition coaching can be delivered by anyone – doesn’t need to be a licensed practitioner (check the regulations in your state)

What the Course Consists Of

This course consists of 38 videos which are a total of about 10 hours in length.  The course is divided into five sections:

  1. Introduction – An introduction to the course and this very successful, time-tested nutrition coaching system.
  2. Nutrition Coaching Techniques – Some basic training on HOW to be a nutrition coach.
  3. The Nutrition Coaching Program Structure – An understanding of how this nutrition coaching system is structured.
  4. The Nutrition Coaching Sessions – Training on how to deliver each of the 12 coaching sessions along with a demonstration of the instructor actually delivering each session for your reference. This section also includes downloads for all of the materials you will need to add nutrition coaching to your practice.
  5. Additional Resources – Some extra resources to help you get started and handle common issues that can arise.

The course also includes short quizzes throughout  the course, called Assessments, to ensure that you retain the key points being taught. You may also go back and watch these videos over and over to help you completely and accurately duplicate this system in your practice.

Successes from Coaching Clients

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