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Why Train at UNS

By Guy Furno, DC

For seven years, I ran a multidisciplinary practice. We had physical therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, acupuncturists, massage therapists, other chiropractors, and 25 office staff.

Unfortunately, the MD’s really didn’t know what health is or how a body works. If they had ever aspired to be healers, their training had changed them.

I left that 60-hour-a-week grind and started over. I found myself making more money in about 24 hours a week, seeing a couple hundred patients, than I’d made with the big facility, big staff and bigger headaches.

Yet I still wasn’t satisfied. I was getting frustrated with cases that would show up with the same misalignment patterns for twenty-plus years. We kept putting things back into place and something kept throwing them out. That “something” had been discovered by Freddie Ulan, and it turned out to be a subject as fundamental and far-reaching as chiropractic itself.

Hearing Dr. Ulan speak, and watching him validate every concept with live demonstrations, renewed my purpose. He got results on every case; he’d take on anybody. While he worked, he described the “what” and “why” of every step so I could really put myself in his place and see myself as that type of healer.

Now I have the honor of being one of his teachers at Ulan Nutritional Systems. I look forward to meeting you in Clearwater!

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