The Nutrition Response Testing®
Professional Level Clinical Training

The 4-module Nutrition Response Testing training module is more complete, faster, more streamlined and with more drills than ever. Each level consists of a 3-day training workshop at our Clearwater training center, and each level is scheduled one month apart. So the program takes 4 months to complete.

The result is practitioners that are more certain about Nutrition Response Testing basics and how to apply them using Standard Process Products to address the whole spectrum of health challenges that they encounter with their patients.

Each level has 10+ hours of drilling and are taught by Dr. Ulan’s authorized instructor, Dr. Brad Kristiansen!

A practitioner has to have completed the 3-day Nutrition Response Testing workshop, and the Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Secrets seminar, to start the Professional Level Training Module.

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For more information on the Professional Level Training Module, call 866-418-4801, or fill out the form below.

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Professional Level Module 1

“70% of patient results are in the food diary.” – Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


  • Dr. Ulan’s food diary drilling
  • How to check 48 deeper levels to determine why a patient isn’t responding to care
  • How to check 108 deeper levels to determine why a patient under care gets worse
  • The full breakdown of each vial in the test kits and the most effective way to use them
  • Dr. Ulan’s clinical pearls on environmental stress factors

Professional Level Program 2


  • All factors regarding the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to determine prognosis of care
  • How to know if a patient is following your recommendations correctly
  • How to determine if someone has digestive issues through the HRV
  • How to identify additional areas not covered on the standard body scan
  • How to stay within the 4-bottle rule

Professional Level Module 3


  • Total certainty on educating and calibrating the patient to THEIR understanding of a locked muscle and Nutrition Response Testing
  • The most effective way to do a follow-up visit and keep it within 10 minutes
  • How to get the patient firmly on board with their fine-tuning program regardless of how long their program takes
  • What Standard Process products to use in various scenarios

Professional Level Module 4


  • What to do from the moment the patient first calls in, to their first follow-up visit
  • Drill the scripts and learn who does what and when (Receptionist, Patient Advocate and Practitioner)

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