Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Grow your nutrition practice with this turnkey, proven, step-by-step system.

Dr. Freddie Ulan developed this workshop through growing two of his own successful cash based (no insurance) nutrition practices. This workshop was developed by Dr. Ulan through his decades of practical knowledge, some 25,000 hours of clinical experience.

In this 3-day workshop, learn:

  • How to convert current patients over to nutrition;
  • How to promote and market to healing-oriented type patients;
  • The exact procedures and paperwork for better patient compliance;
  • How to generate an abundance of referrals;
  • How to improve your bedside manner and doctor savvy so you always do and say the right thing;
  • How to turn patients and staff into zealots who build the practice for you;
  • How to determine if you might be the biggest block to your own success and how to fix anything found;
  • How to set up initial health improvement programs with which your patients will readily comply (including multiple visit schedules);
  • How to hire and train the best staff;
  • How to fine-tune programs to ensure clinical success;
  • What to expect, do and say on each visit;
  • The specific office procedures that convert your patients (and staff) into zealots;
  • How to set up, promote and do successful New Patient Seminars;
  • How to transition from insurance and accounts receivable to a practice based on cash and prepayments!

Bonus! Your own personal health check will be provided at no additional cost.

No prerequisites. There is limited seating and events sell out fast!

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To sign up for Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop, call us at 866-418-4801, or click on the button below.

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