Advanced Clinical Training (ACT)

The Curriculum

When tougher cases presented themselves to our Pro Level Graduates, it became apparent that there was advanced research needed to crack these otherwise unsolvable cases. The Advanced Clinical Training was developed out of the discoveries from that very research.

    • Train in 3 additional product line
    • Learn heavy metal and chemical advanced detox protocol
    • Gain the ability to identify and eliminate any possible hidden after-effects of vaccination

Over ten hours of drilling in each level of training will enable you to decode even your most difficult cases within minutes.

The ACT consists of a single 3-day training workshop at our Clearwater training center. Each workshop is scheduled a month apart; in total, the training takes 4 months to complete.

Advanced Clinical Training Module 1


    • Pulsing the Calibrated, Locked Indicator Muscle on the New Patient
    • Advanced Follow Up Visit Protocol
    • Pulsing on Follow Up Visit
    • Advanced Protocol When Using the New and Old Systemic Formulas Product
    • How to Use Systemic Formulas products to Handle the 5 Common Stressor
    • 12 to 15+ hours of hands-on drilling

Advanced Clinical Training Module 2


    • Hyper-ANS Regulatio
    • Additional Common Stressor
    • Hidden Organ Dysfunction and Handlings
    • How to use Energetix Homeopathics Product
    • Advanced Thyroid Handling
    • 12 to 15+ hours of hands-on drillin

Advanced Clinical Training Module 3


    • Advanced Intolerances Elimination Procedure
    • How to use BioCell Stem Cell Derivative Product
    • Handling Chronic Constipation
    • Nutritional Handling of Cervical and Lumbar Disc Problem
    • 12 to 15+ hours of hands-on drillin

Advanced Clinical Training Module 4


    • Metal Detox Procedures (expanded
    • How to use Marco Pharma Product
    • Resonance Testin
    • Additional Enzymes and Other Tools
    • 12 to 15+ hours of hands-on drillin

[Note: Before a student can start the Advance Clinical Training they need to have successfully graduated and completed the Professional Level Training, and have completed the Practice Growth Acceleration Program.]

Find Out More

For more details on the Advanced Clinical Training program, call us at 866-418-4801, or fill out the form to the right.


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