Clinical Training:
Better Clinical Results for Your Patients

Through Nutrition Response Testing® Training

With a comprehensive training system, we’ll teach you how to take your clinical skills to the next level and turn your passion of helping patients heal naturally, into a complete reality. We’ll teach you the intricacies of performing Nutrition Response Testing and creating a Designed Clinical Nutrition Wellness Program for each of your patients. We’ll show you how to perfect your clinical precision with less product through this technique developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN. Here’s a listing of all our clinical training courses, with links to detailed information on each.

Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing

Online Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing

This online course will introduce you to 13 steps of Nutrition Response Testing, from Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, the developer of Nutrition Response Testing. You can learn this system without travel expenses or taking time off from your practice. You will get unlimited access to this video series course, along with any future updates. Read More

1-Day Nutrition Response Testing Seminars Near You

These 1-day seminars are delivered regularly at locations around the US. Learn the 13 step process of Nutrition Response Testing at a location near you, and start applying it immediately in your practice. Read More

Standard Process Events on Nutrition Response Testing

Ulan Nutritional Systems has a long relationship with nutritional products company Standard Process, and Standard Process holds events throughout the country on Nutrition Response Testing, featuring our various instructors. These one or two-day seminars are packed full of information you can begin using immediately in practice to get better patient results. And some of these events include CEUs. Read More

Nutrition Response Testing 3-Day Workshop

This 3-day workshop, now delivered via live stream, teaches the 13 step procedure of Nutrition Response Testing in detail. Of graduates, 68% reported that their patients were getting better results, 60% reported that they were getting more business / more patients, and 68% said that their own health and their family’s health was improved. Read More

Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop

In this 3-day workshop, learn:

  • How to convert current patients over to nutrition;
  • How to promote and market to healing-oriented type patients;
  • The exact procedures and paperwork for better patient compliance;
  • How to generate an abundance of referrals

Read More

Professional Level Training Module

The 4-level Nutrition Response Testing training module is more complete, faster, more streamlined and with more drills than ever. The first three 3-day training workshops are delivered via live stream, and the fourth is delivered at our training facility in Clearwater, FL. Each level is scheduled one month apart. So the program takes 4 months to complete. Read More

Advanced Clinical Training (ACT)

Can you handle, with confidence, any nutrition case that walks through your door? Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) provides all the tools necessary to crack any case that has not been already destroyed by medical intervention. Read More

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