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Clinical Training Review Program

Why a Clinical Review Program?

You wouldn’t be an Advanced Clinical Training or Route to Clinical Mastery Graduate if you didn’t want to be the best practitioner you can be and get the best patient results you can get. And with your training in Nutrition Response Testing®, you are capable of getting results that others have only hoped for.

However, there is one thing that any practitioner is up against, no matter how skilled: the continuing decline of the overall level of health in this society. Many conditions have continued to worsen in society, resulting in generations of people getting sicker and sicker.

Not only did this make for more challenging cases, but cases were also being found that would not respond to routine procedures, including advanced procedures. Dr. Freddie Ulan observed this trend and determined to continue his research into the subject to overcome these barriers. Through this intensive research he was able to locate the procedures needed to overcome these new barriers to health, so that Nutrition Response Testing could continue to get miracle-level results.

These developments have now been incorporated into the various levels of Nutrition Response Testing training to ensure all practitioners are trained correctly from the beginning. For you, the Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, you will need to update your training to benefit from these new developments and insights.

The Clinical Training Review Program is how you get your training fully up-to-date. With this service you will be able to learn all of the new developments, including exactly how they fit into the rest of the training. By the end of the program you will have a solid grasp of this new clinical knowledge and procedures.

A Special Message From Dr. Brad Kristiansen on the Importance of Keeping Your Clinical Skills Up-To-Date:

Recent surveys of our advanced practitioners indicated they felt it would be beneficial to have a way to review their training, to freshen up on any skills they may have forgotten from their training. The Clinical Review Training Program handles this problem by providing a comprehensive review of past training while incorporating the latest developments from Dr. Ulan’s research.

Get Your Clinical Review Training Program at an 80% Discount


Right now we are offering this service to all past ACT & RTCM Graduates at 80% off the normal price. You can get the latest clinical updates and breakthroughs without having to pay the usual full price of the training. This is specifically being made available so you can maintain the highest level of clinical knowledge and results.

The first 3 modules are done Live Stream, so you can begin the training program from your own home or office without having to arrange travel.

For more details on the Clinical Review Training Program, fill out the form on the right, or call us at


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