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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


You need to choose a practice model you can actually apply. And choosing the model is actually very important. My viewpoint is that I’ve never really invented anything. I’m not super creative from the viewpoint of being able to create new things and invent new things. I’m not one of these guys who has invented a lot. When you do my Nutrition Response Testing what you’ll see I’ve done is taken the most workable things I’ve experienced over my years of practice and put it down to a totally workable procedure that anybody can do. I’m good at that.

If I have any talent at all, it’s in finding people who are smarter than me in the areas I need to get smarter. Finding people that are smarter than me, or more able than I am, in a particular area that I need to get better at. And I choose my mentors based on statistics, not PR.

Because there’s a lot of false PR, a lot of hype. I never, ever go off of just PR. If I hear that somebody’s doing really great in something I’m interested in, I actually look. I don’t just listen. You know I actually find out. Is this guy really doing what he says he’s doing? Because there’s a lot of guys out there talking a game that they’ve never walked. You need to have someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Pick your mentors very, very carefully.

I’m sharing with you a practice model that is time tested and proven. It works for us, and it’s worked for hundreds of practitioners that we’ve trained. But I’ve shared this model with hundreds of doctors, hundreds of practitioners, whether they are acupuncturists, nutritionists, chiropractors, a few M.D.s, D.O.s, etc., and to the degree that they’ve implemented what I’ve shared with them, they get the same results.

I have several million-dollar practices to my “scorecard.” I have people who have gone from struggling practices, or fairly decent practices, who are now doing a million dollars a year in a primarily nutrition-oriented practice. They are happier than they ever imagined they could ever be. And the reason for it is kind of obvious. You know, they’re really helping. They’re making a difference in their community.

So, choose your mentors well. I think the worst crime we’ve committed on the new chiropractic doctors and alternative medicine doctors is we’ve allowed them to be educated by people who have no right, or position, to be in a mentor position. They’re lousy examples. And probably one of the big benefits that I had in my education was that I was at a school that couldn’t afford to pay high salaries to people. So, they had successful doctors who donated their time, because of their dedication to the profession.

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