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The Building Your Ideal Practice Program

The Building Your Ideal Practice program will give you all the tools you need to create the ideal type of practice that you want. It will take you from a novice in Nutrition Response Testing® to the point of being a true clinical master, so you can find the real root cause of patients’ health problems and get better patient results. And you will be able to build up the size of your practice so you can increase your personal income from the practice, but without it stressing you out and taking all of your free time. And with a larger practice you will be able to help more people and really help change the healthcare paradigm.

Nutrition Response Testing® 3-Day Workshop

Get better patient results and find the root cause of your patients’ health problems with Nutrition Response Testing. This 3-day workshop, now delivered via live stream, teaches the 13 step procedure of Nutrition Response Testing in detail. Of graduates, 68% reported that their patients were getting better results, 60% reported that they were getting more business / more patients, and 68% said that their own health and their family’s health was improved. Read More

Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop

Learn the secrets that allowed Dr. Freddie Ulan to build two million-dollar, low-stress nutritional practices.

In this 3-day workshop, now delivered via live stream, learn:

  • How to convert current patients over to nutrition;
  • How to promote and market to healing-oriented type patients;
  • The exact procedures and paperwork for better patient compliance;
  • How to generate an abundance of referrals

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Advanced Clinical Training Part 1

In the Advanced Clinical Training Part 1, formerly known as the Professional Level training, you will gain confidence and master Nutrition Response Testing, its expanded basics and nutritional patient management at a truly PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.

The 4-module Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Training Part 1 is more complete, faster, more streamlined and with more drills than ever. The first three 3-day training modules are delivered via live stream, and the fourth is delivered at our training facility in Clearwater, FL. Each module is scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. So the program takes 4 months to complete. Read More

Professional Practice Building Program

You probably would like to make more personal income from your practice, but don’t want to give up all your free time and increase your stress level. The Professional Practice Building program is designed to help you expand your practice but take a vacation from all the overwork. It helps you to get as many patients as you want, to know better how to achieve your goals, formulas you can follow for business success, and how to dramatically improve your communication skills. Plus the program includes implementation coaching from one of our experienced consultants.
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Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Part 2

Can you handle, with confidence, any nutrition case that walks through your door? Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Part 2 provides all the tools necessary to crack any case that has not been already destroyed by medical intervention. Read More

The Advanced Practice Building Program

Practice owners often find themselves completely involved in being the practitioner, treating patients, but have little to no time or attention left for actually being the practice owner. But it is this critical “hat” of being the practice owner, that if worn successfully, allows you to increase income, expand your practice and achieve your practice goals. Read More

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