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Dr. Guy Furno was among the inaugural group awarded their Gold Seal Certification as Clinical Masters at the 2022 UNS Fall Symposium. He reflected on the successful actions that contributed to his success with Nutrition Response Testing®.

“When we started out doing nutrition in the office, for me, it was about looking for something to supplement the chiropractic practice. I had noticed that patients just weren’t getting well. They weren’t responding the way they used to. That’s what led me into it, in the beginning. I figured that if I could make an extra 10 or 15 thousand dollars a year selling supplements, that would pay off a credit card at the time and things along those lines.

“We have grown every year since joining. Now we’re a 95% cash practice [as opposed to insurance based]. It’s not about the money. It’s about the purpose, and the service. But how did we reach those numbers?

“We do that just by applying standard tech.  It really is about just doing it standardly.  Some of the things that would drive me crazy at times over the years is when I would see practitioners in the social media groups start going crazy about this new product, or this new supplement, or this new thing that they can sell to their patients, and they search and search.  I’m not really having that problem.  It’s not like I need to go find something else to get these patients well.  That doesn’t serve the purpose.

“The bottom line was always trying to do it with the least amount of supplementation, at the lowest cost possible.  Why?  Because we have to keep these people in it for the long game.  It’s not just get everything we can out of them in the first six months and then go from there.  No.  I’m looking for life-long patients.  I tell them that from the very beginning, and it’s just applying standard tech as you go along.

“That being said, if you’re having trouble, if you’re looking for other things, when I start examining what’s going on and who that’s with, there’s usually something out-tech (out-tech = not using the correct N.R.T.® or patient management procedures, or applying them incorrectly).  They’re not applying standard procedures.  They’re not doing what they should be doing, or their level of training is not where it needs to be as far as getting them to the point that they can handle successfully anything that’s coming in.

“There’s never a patient that comes in that you’re going, ‘Ah, I don’t know what to do here.  I’m stuck.’  Even with the challenges of the recent couple of years, we just did the usual.  And when it seemed the usual wasn’t working, that’s when you start relying on the training.  You start thinking with your training at that point.

“In the first stages [of N.R.T.® training], you’re just duplicating what you’re supposed to duplicate.  Then when you get further along and you get a Gold Seal, then you can start thinking with your training to figure things out.

“So the key thing to come away with is finish the Advanced Clinical Training — all 8 modules.  If you haven’t already, make sure that you get through, because you need those tools to handle the things that are going on in the world today.  And just stick to the standard tech.  If you do it the way it’s laid out, it works.

“That’s the bottom line.”

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