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Improvement In the Areas We’re Concentrating On

When I first started practicing in 1988, people would come to me for maybe five or six adjustments and do pretty well. Well, as time went on, it took about ten adjustments to accomplish what five used to in 1988. Then it was taking fifteen. There were exceptions:...

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Getting the Full Results of Chiropractic

My father was a chiropractor. I used to see his patients get a few adjustments and then they’d be gone! It was holding and they were doing fine. But as time went on, the adjustments weren’t holding. Thanks to Dr. Ulan, I actually get the full results of my...

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Back in the Race

I’ve got a patient in her late thirties—very active, two young kids—who used to run marathons. Then she developed injuries and the medical establishment told her she’d never be able to run again. This girl, after being under Nutrition Response Testing care for several...

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Becoming Known as a Wellness Doctor

I’m Dr. Brian Walsh, a chiropractor in West Melbourne, Florida. I’ve been in practice fifteen years, and I’ve been doing Nutrition Response Testing for ten of those years. Nutrition Response Testing gave me the right tools to integrate nutrition into my chiropractic...

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Getting patients on a functional track

My name is Dr. Guy Furno. I’m a chiropractor from New York. I’ve been a Nutrition Response Testing master clinician since 2009. Originally in practice, I didn’t integrate any nutrition into the practice at all. What I was finding over time was that patients had to...

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Practice Quadruples After Separating Out the Visits

Before I got into Nutrition Response Testing, I was mainly practicing chiropractic. I did dabble in nutrition, and I was always interested and excited about nutrition, but I didn’t quite know how to implement it in the patient visit. I just sort of threw it in during...

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