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Nutrition Response Testing® and ADHD

By Sarah Outlaw, MH, MASCN As a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, I have had so many dramatic results with children that have completely turned their health around. I have had some great results with Nutrition Response Testing and ADHD cases. There was one...

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Woman Finally Gets Pregnant After 17 Years of Trying

By Brad Kristiansen, DC It was not uncommon for women to come to me after going through all the medical routes of trying to get pregnant with no luck. I would work with them using Nutrition Response Testing. I remember one gal who was trying to get pregnant for 17...

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Former “Sugarholic” Returns to Work After 10 Years

By Brad Kristiansen, DC I had a woman patient with an extremely interesting situation. After being on a program with me for a while, she told me that if somebody hadn’t brought her into my office, she was thinking about driving her car into an oncoming...

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Severe Mood Swings and Nutrition Response Testing®

By Brad Kristiansen, DC I have been practicing Chiropractic for well over 50 years and have been fortunate enough to have been trained by the Founder of Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Freddie Ulan. I have learned through the years of being a Nutrition Response...

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At my age is it really even worth trying to make changes?

By Cori Stern, DC Being a Chiropractor that utilizes Nutrition Response Testing®, I get my share of geriatric patients who achieve miraculous results.  They sometimes don’t even tell me about their improvements right away. Case in point was a woman in her early 80s...

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Anything Can Cause Anything

By Cori Stern, DC As a Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner it is common amongst our peers to say, “Anything can cause anything.”  Here are a few cases that illustrate that point. A 62-year-old man came into my office that was taking 3 different high blood...

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I Can Feel My Feet

By Brad Kristiansen, DC I have come across some interesting cases using Nutrition Response Testing® in my chiropractic practice. Here are a few that I would like to share with you. A woman, who was in her 50’s came in to see me who was 5 feet tall and weighed 360...

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Diabetes – “But I eat everything organic”

By Cori Stern, DC As a Chiropractor who utilizes Nutrition Response Testing®, I have had several diabetic patients that have been helped immensely. I am currently working with a 41-year-old woman with uncontrolled high blood sugar. It ranged between 152-298 with her...

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No Longer Burdened by Congestive Heart Failure

By Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN As a Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner I see a wide variety of patients with many different health issues.  Most of the cases I see are ones dealing with digestive problems, the thyroid, the adrenals, the liver, problems detoxing, as...

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