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We have what you refer to as the routine miracle. A big part of our promotion was getting new patients to understand what routine miracles were actually being done in the office and getting them to tell other people about that.

Part of that was me realizing what a miracle actually was. For example, you have somebody who’s been sick and getting sicker over the last 20 years. I remember a lady who had been seeing me for about 12 weeks. I said to her finally, “How are you doing? You never tell me how you’re doing.”

And she said, “I don’t feel like there’s been any improvement.”

And I said, “Well, let me ask you. Have you gotten any worse in the last 12 weeks?”|

She said, “No.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been coming to me for 12 weeks and you haven’t gotten any worse?”

She goes, “Yeah.”

I said, “When you first came in, you said to me that you’ve been getting worse every month for the last few years. Now you have actually gone three months without getting worse. That’s a miracle.”

And she just said, “You know, you’re right.”

“Good. So, we’re at miracle number one. We’ve stopped the worsening.  Now let’s get to work and start repairing your body.”

Sometimes the miracle is, “Oh my God, the headaches I’ve had all my life or the pain in my neck or whatever is all gone.” And sometimes the miracle is, “You know, it hasn’t gotten any worse for the first time in years.”

You have to have an appreciation of what a miracle is.

We tend to be idealists. I don’t want someone to just not have more headaches. I want them to not have any headaches.

Initially, I’d be disappointed if the patient only had a little bit of improvement. Then I realized, the fact that they’re getting any improvement at all after only a few weeks of taking nutritional supplements, that’s big.

Out in the world of pharmaceutical protocol medicine, all that happens is they get a drug that maybe suppresses their symptom, so they don’t feel. Then, usually, they start developing other things which they eventually need another drug for.  How many people have come in, who are on six different pharmaceuticals?

This last one they were on was to cover up the symptoms caused by the first five. And the one before that was to cover up the symptoms caused by the first four. And it all goes down to the first one, which was to cover up the fact that they were eating poorly.

We have to peel that case back. We can get your diet corrected, which is much easier by the way than people think it is. We really train people how to.  The simplicity of this is in the courses that we offer, in our patient management course, in our Advanced Clinical Training course, and in our Nutritional Coaching course.

It’s very simple. The bottom line is getting down to the underlying cause, provide needed nutritional support, help them to improve their diets and then gradually these people get better.  And sometimes their doctor finds certain prescriptions are no longer needed.

Excerpt from the webinar: Having a Million-Dollar Practice
with Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


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