Increase Practice Income &
Make Your Practice Goals
a Reality
with the

Advanced Practice

Increase Practice Income & Make Your Practice Goals a Reality with the

Advanced Practice Building Program

Practice owners often find themselves completely involved in being the practitioner, treating patients, but have little to no time or attention left for actually being the practice owner.

But it is this critical “hat” of being the practice owner, that if worn successfully, allows you to increase income, expand your practice and achieve your practice goals.

The Advanced Practice Building Program consists of seven steps:


The Executive Booster Program is designed to take you from being a Practitioner to being a “Chief Executive Officer,” boosting you up from working in the practice to working on your practice, and from being controlled by your practice to being in control of it. You will work out how every area of your practice should operate, what each area should be producing, and exactly what you need to do as the “CEO” to manage and expand your practice. This service puts you in the driver’s seat over all aspects of your practice to ensure that it is maximally productive and achieving your goals.

  • Get a clear concept of your practice, what each area is and should be producing, and how to create viability within each area.
  • Discover what it is that you need to be doing to be effective as an Executive.
  • Discover what it really takes to deliver your services in the volume and with the quality you actually need in order to have the practice you want.
  • How this all fits into your practice, how to overcome blocks and barriers, and how you CAN do it!

2. The Essentials of Running a Successful Practice Course

As an Owner, you can’t treat volumes of patients and also wear the manager hat. Somebody must manage your practice. The Essentials of Running a Successful Practice course consists of a mini course and a full course. These courses are for both you as the practice owner and for your manager. They cover the sequence of expansion, the basics of promotion, financial management fundamentals, the seven secrets of solvency, and more. The Mini Course covers the primary issues you need to know to get productive, while the Full Course covers this more in-depth. Once you have completed the Full Course, you will be in the driver’s seat of your practice.

3. The Healthcare Personnel Essentials Course

The duties of the Personnel Director are vital to a viable and expanding practice. Duties such as Front Desk check in processes, hiring, management of the Organizing Board, training new staff, statistic collection, etc., are all functions of the Personnel Director.

4. The New Patient Pro Course

The Public Director is responsible for driving lots of new patients into the practice. This is one of the most creative hats in a practice. There are innumerable ways to drive new patients to your practice. Details and ideas for your Patient/Public Education Workshops, Open Houses, Cooking Classes, Wellness/Tea Parties, Grocery Consultations, referral games, raffles, etc., all fall under the Public Director.

5. Cash Flow Management Course

This course MUST be done by both the Practice Owner and Manager. It contains information that needs to be known and applied to keep you above the financial water line. How to handle a financial slump, how to maintain credit standing and solvency, step-by-step details on how to do financial planning, managing, how to get out of debt, etc., is thoroughly covered. Several short videos are included with transcripts to sum up the information studied. Articles to help with application and forms for conducting financial planning each week, are also included.

6. On-Site Practice Analysis

The On-Site Practice Analysis brings a Practice Management Specialist to your office to personally evaluate your practice. You can get a first-hand analysis of your practice, your staff, your finances and your promotion, and find out if any of these factors are blocking you from achieving your goals for the practice. The Practice Management Specialist can also help you discover the top “priority” that needs to be handled for the practice to grow. The purpose of the On-Site Analysis is to assist the practice owner in locating the biggest barrier to the growth of their practice.

7. One-on-One Coaching

Once you are done with all the training modules above, we coach you on applying all the information to achieve true growth acceleration. The result is faster expansion without the stress that has always been part of the growth process in the past.

“The Executive Booster has given me HUGE clarity on my role as a Practice Owner. I feel prepared to grow and expand my business to change the way health care is delivered in my community.” – M.F.

“All Practice Owners should do the Executive Booster — whatever you think it is, it is not. You have to take the Executive Booster to know. It cleared away the ‘crap’, and defined what I need to do as a Practice Owner. Thanks for all your help and thanks for UNS being there.” – B.F.

“Being a Practitioner and being an Owner are two completely different things. This course has set the foundation for me to effectively take on my role as an Executive and to solidify my organization so that we can deliver to the community in greater abundance.” – G.F.

“I invested in this service because there was always a ceiling that we couldn’t rise beyond. In addition, we weren’t profiting very much for a whole lot of effort. During the On-Site Analysis, many helpful observations were made as far as areas where we could save money, suggestions to increase efficiency, management of inventory, delegation of tasks to staff members, intelligent marketing and overall increasing profitability. Six months later, I have money in savings, I have paid off a significant amount of debt and we have more than doubled our monthly collections!” – K.H.

“A few months ago, I was encouraged to do an On-Site Analysis. I’m glad I was listening and took the step forward. Four weeks after my analysis, I had the biggest month since I opened my practice. I doubled my practice in almost every aspect and it happened with ease. I recommend an On-Site Analysis. It will help grow your practice, allowing you to further fulfill your purpose. I am looking forward to continued growth and will do another On-Site in the future. Thank you UNS!” – S.B.

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