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Raise Your Nutrition Response Testing®
Skills to the Highest Level

Better Patient Results |
More Knowledge and Certainty
Help More People | Solve Your More Difficult Cases



with the Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Program

You have a passion for helping patients, and you want to get better patient results. The Advanced Clinical Training Program is the highest level of training offered in Nutrition Response Testing.

This training course will help you gain more certainty and confidence on Nutrition Response Testing, and allow you to fully handle your more difficult cases.

Plus: Learn to handle any difficult to handle health issues that you or your family members might still be having.

And lots of hands-on drilling on each level.

The ACT Program

The ACT Program consists of four modules, each of which consists of 3 full days of training at our Clearwater training center. Each module is scheduled six weeks apart. In total, the training takes six months to complete.

The ACT Program consists of 12-15 hours of drilling in each of the four modules of training and will enable you to decode even your most difficult cases within minutes.

Advanced Clinical Training Module 1

  • Pulsing the Calibrated, Locked Indicator Muscle on the New Patient
  • Advanced “Follow Up” Visit Protocols
  • Pulsing on “Follow Up” Visits
  • Advanced Protocols When Using the New and Old Systemic Formula Products
  • How to Use Systemic Formula products to Handle the 5 Common Stressors
  • 12 to 15+ Hours of Hands-on Drilling

Advanced Clinical Training Module 2

  • Hyper-ANS Regulation
  • Additional Common Stressors
  • Hidden Organ Dysfunction and Handlings
  • How to use Energetix Homeopathic Products
  • Advanced Thyroid Handlings
  • 12 to 15+ Hours of Hands-on Drilling

Advanced Clinical Training Module 3

  • Advanced Intolerances Elimination Procedures
  • How to use BioCell Stem Cell Derivative Products
  • Handling Chronic Constipation
  • Nutritional Handling of Cervical and Lumbar Disc Problems
  • 12 to 15+ Hours of Hands-on Drilling

Advanced Clinical Training Module 4

  • Metal Detox Procedures (expanded)
  • How to use Marco Pharma Products
  • Resonance Testing
  • Additional Enzymes and Other Tools
  • 12 to 15+ Hours of Hands-on Drilling


Before a student can start the Advanced Clinical Training they need to have successfully graduated the Professional Level Training, and the Practice Growth Acceleration Program.

“This is another giant step in me fulfilling my purpose in life. The ACT classes have given me more tools so I can get sick people well without the use of drugs and medications. My practice, my life, heck I’m even a better person since starting Nutrition Response Testing. Just getting my life back on course has helped me out greatly. I would like to thank you Dr. Ulan, Dr. Brad, Carol and the entire UNS staff for helping me on this journey.”

Dale E. Dulle Jr., DC

“I always wanted to be a natural health doctor, ever since I had positive experiences with a chiropractor in high school. I knew I would help people, but I had no idea what a profound impact that Nutrition Response Testing would have on my life and the lives of my patients. For my life, I’ve learned how to control all areas of my life and not be an effect of things around me. On the clinical side, my patients’ beautiful results are what makes my career so rewarding.”

Brittany Kahle, DC

“I have been so excited to learn this amazing method of helping others! As my own health declined through the years with NO HELP available from my medical peers, I was blessed to finally receive the exact right help my body needed from Kim Townsend at Naturally You. I began to feel relief almost immediately through changes in my diet and adding supplements. Because of my fascination with how quickly I received relief, I made a decision to attend UNS training to gain the necessary knowledge so I could finally TRULY help others. What a blessing having this knowledge has been! Being able to help family, friends and new friends has been very rewarding personally and professionally”

Suellen Gunn, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Get Better Results for Your Patients, on the Advanced Clinical Training Program

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