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Advanced Clinical Training
Modules 5 – 8

The Highest Level of Nutrition Response Testing® Training

Increase Your Certainty and Confidence
Gain The Highest Level of Nutrition
Response Testing Knowledge
Help More People, Including Your Tough Cases

You have a passion for helping patients. Your ability to help your “tough cases” is totally dependent on your clinical knowledge and confidence in your skill.

Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8 is the highest level of clinical training in Nutrition Response Testing. This training will help you gain more certainty and confidence in Nutrition Response Testing and allows you to fully address your more difficult cases. (ACT Modules 1 – 4 was formerly called the Professional Level Training and ACT Modules 5 – 8 was simply called Advanced Clinical Training.)

You’ll learn the most advanced techniques and clinical pearls of knowledge that comprise the highest level of Nutrition Response Testing expertise. You’ll also get lots of hands-on drilling to help you become confident of all your Nutrition Response Testing skills from the most fundamental to the most advanced.

Plus: Learn what to do with any difficult health issues that you or your family members might still be having.

It all awaits you on the Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8.

Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8

The first three modules are delivered via live stream, and the final module is delivered at our training facility in Clearwater, FL, and consists of extensive drilling with a clinical master. Each module is scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. In total, the training takes six months to complete.



Advanced Clinical Training Module 5
(Live Stream) Learn: 

  • Pulsing the calibrated, locked indicator muscle on the new patient – “How strong is a strong arm?” (enabling you to determine the prognosis for each patient’s care at the outset & how many fine-tuning visits to expect, monitor progress from visit to visit, and predict when healing will begin)
  • Firming up the “4 bottle rule” for the new patient
  • Advanced follow-up visit protocols
  • Pulsing on follow-up visits
  • Addressing patient symptoms during care
  • Systemic Formulas & how to use this herbal product line in addition to Standard Process to address the 5 stressors (especially for those that cannot get SPI account)
  • Advanced protocol when using the new expanded line of Systemic Formulas products
  • Hyper-ANS regulation
  • Additional common stressors
  • Detecting & addressing hidden organ dysfunction

Advanced Clinical Training Module 6
(Live Stream) Learn:

  • Energetix Homeopathics products – when & why you need to go to this level – addressing the 5 common stressors with these products
  • Advanced techniques for thyroid issues
  • Hidden immune challenges
  • Advance procedures to identify different intolerances and recommend supplementation that supports the body’s own healing processes
  • Advanced intolerances follow-up visits

Advanced Clinical Training Module 7
(Live Stream) Learn:

  • BioCell stem cell derivative products – using them to address the 5 common stressors, nutritional support for the aging patient, addressing 4th & 5th generation “Pottenger’s Cat patients”
  • Nutritional support for chronic constipation
  • Advanced nutritional support for cervical and lumbar disc problems
  • Resonance testing – enables you to more accurately assess the presence of toxins in the body and what supplements will support the body’s elimination processes
  • HVS & MarcoPharma products (drainage remedies)

Advanced Clinical Training Module 8
(Delivered at Our Clearwater, FL Training Facility)

  • Day 1 review and hands on drilling of all ACT Module 5 materials
  • Day 2 review and hands on drilling of all ACT Module 6 materials
  • Day 3 review and hands on drilling of all ACT Module 7 materials
  • Formal graduation with certificate presentation by Dr. Freddie Ulan


Before a student can start Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8 they need to have successfully completed Advanced Clinical Training Modules 1 – 4  (formerly known as the Professional Level Training), and the Professional Practice Building Program.



On completing the Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8.  NCCAOM licensed Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental Medicine receive 67.5 CEUs through NCCAOM.

Course documentation is available upon request for other healthcare professionals who wish to apply to their state board for continuing education credits. Submission of documentation by others does not guarantee approval for CEUs as requirements vary from state to state.

NCCAOM PDA Provider # 1018.

Advanced Clinical Training Module 5 – 8 Graduates

Bring Your Clinical Knowledge and Skill Up to the Highest Level on Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8

For more details on Advanced Clinical Training Modules 5 – 8, fill out the form on the right, or call us at 866-418-4801.


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