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CLEARWATER, FL: The healthcare system in the US is under tremendous strain as the country scrambles to cope with the Coronavirus. As nutrition plays a major role in the strength of one’s immune health, Ulan Nutritional Systems, in collaboration with Jackie Furlong, has released the Complete Nutritional Coaching Course that any practitioner can study and implement in their practice.

A research paper conducted by the University of Florida and Texas A&M stated that although physicians receive insufficient nutrition training, they’re expected to deliver nutrition counseling to patients with chronic disease. They concluded that millions of deaths annually could be mitigated with effective nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

The Complete Nutritional Coaching Course is a turn-key system that can been learned and implemented by any health practitioner or a member of their staff. Jackie Furlong, an organic chemist and holistic health coach, has been delivering Nutrition Coaching in her practice for more than six years.

“I’m very passionate about helping people and I found that we needed to add a nutrition coaching session to the consultations,” said Furlong. “That way we could help them change the habits that led to their health issues.”

This 12-module course covers how to educate clients on the fundamentals of nutrition, everyday application, and how to track their progress and keep them accountable so they can achieve their health goals.

Each module comes with video instruction and a complete system of handouts – it’s a turn-key program that can be implemented immediately.  And it can be done via online platforms such as Skype or Zoom, so it’s the perfect service to help people right now.

“We saw the need for this service and collaborated with Jackie on this course to make it available to practitioners,” said Lisa Dunn, CEO of Ulan Nutritional Systems. “It’s a self-paced, online course so there is no need to leave your practice or travel.”

Learning the basics of good nutrition and strengthening one’s immune system is something positive that can be done about the current situation.  This course makes it possible for any practitioner to implement this service in their practice immediately. For more information about the course call 866-418-4801 or visit

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