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How to Boom Your Practice!

Bill Johonnesson, co-owner and Board Chairman of Ulan Nutritional Systems and Effective Management corporations will present the How to Boom Your Practice seminar series at this summer’s retreat for practice owners and key managers in Clearwater, Florida. The two-day event is designed to give you the SENIOR laws you need in order to have a successful practice.

The Owners Retreat, and presenting this seminar series, follows up on our intention to help you to expand your practice to a high level of viability and reach into your community. We are serious about changing the health care paradigm in this country and invite you to participate fully in that endeavor.

The How to Boom Your Practice seminar is based on the How to Boom Your Business seminars that Bill developed in 1999 in South Africa. Many companies reported dramatically accelerated expansion as a direct result of the seminars. Positive word-of-mouth promotion led to Bill presenting the seminar series throughout Europe, Russia, England, the Middle East, Australia, and the United States.

With his recent experience helping healthcare professionals build successful practices, Bill has adapted the series to booming a healthcare practice. The seminar is specifically tailored for holistic healthcare practice owners to give you the tools to boom your practice. It includes the key data that you can apply now to align activity with purpose in your practice, to streamline your operation and help more patients.  You can get this data now, directly from Bill.

In addition to the How to Boom Your Practice seminar series, there will be a major release at the Owners Retreat that you can use to implement what you learn in the seminar. If you want to ensure the health and stability of your practice, this is a Retreat that you cannot miss.

To learn more about the Owners Retreat and to register, visit  Seats are limited.


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