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For Patients and Practitioners
For Licensed Healthcare Practitioners
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Nutrition Response Testing Seminar & Workshop
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For Patients and Practitioners

In this section you will find educational materials for patients and practitioners alike. Covering subjects such as nutrition, studies of common psychiatric drugs (and their side effects). Find out exactly what Nutrition Response Testing is and how it can help you.


Nutrition Response Testing Seminar Registration

Nutrition Response Testing is a fast, easy, accurate and clinically proven system based on hu­man anatomy and can take less than 10 minutes to perform. Gain the knowledge and confidence that you are helping your patients  as your findings give you the REAL underlying core-reason to their non-optimum conditions!

Learn this simple system at Dr. Freddie Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing Seminar & Workshop. You will be able to integrate it into your practice the next day.


For Licensed Healthcare Practitioners

For those practicing Nutrition Response Testing, or interested in adding/expanding nutrition to their practices: In this section you will find the tools to do so. DVDs packed with information from Dr. Ulan’s 25,000 hours of clinical experience: Case studies, “pearls”, practice tools, etc., are available to help you implement nutrition into your healthcare practice and start helping people immediately.

The common denominator of all successful Nutrition Response Testing practitioners is “practice, practice, practice”. To be a successful Nutrition Response Testing practitioner it is important to study Dr. Ulan’s Case Studies and Nutritional Pearls DVDs and CDs daily and weekly; with new cases you will undoubtedly get a renewed education to greatly help your patients and grow your practice in doing so.


Patient Management Secrets Seminar Graduates

Don’t re-invent the wheel! Dr. Freddie Ulan created a successful nutritional cash practice (with no insurance). The tools in this section are for those who have attended the Patient Management Secrets of a Successful Nutritional Practice seminar and want to have the same success.

Offered in this section are the step-by-step instructions for implementing the new patient intake procedure into a nutritional practice, the specific forms and scripts for Practitioner and office staff in a nutritional practice (all down to the exact wording), forms, checklists, tasks (divided by which position handles them), etc.

Don’t spend hours recreating forms! You will get promotional reactivation letters, ad samples, a 4 page report of findings, research article of common health problems for your patients and MORE.


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