The First Leg of the Clinical Mastery “Table”

Advanced Clinical Training

Can you handle, with confidence, any nutrition case that walks through your door?

Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) provides all the tools necessary to crack any case that has not been already destroyed by medical intervention. Dr. Ulan’s research culminated in an advanced technology to help restore natural function to the body and put the patient back in charge of his or her health. You will receive intensive drilling on the thirteen steps of Nutrition Response Testing, and in-depth instruction on dietary handlings. You’ll learn all the product lines that have been tested and proven to restore and sustain optimal health. And we’ll train you to get compliance with your recommendations.

The ACT is taught by our top graduates, who have built their own dream practices and are motivated by a sincere desire to help you do the same. The emphasis is on application: you will be certified only when you can apply every technique successfully and with confidence. When you can decode your most difficult cases within minutes, imagine how much easier that makes routine cases! Graduates of the ACT report that they have the ability to dramatically improve the health of their patients, and that they have the expertise to handle cases that baffle the medical profession.

Advanced Clinical Training subtracts years of trial and error from the learning curve. You don’t need to experiment with nutrition; the answers are all here in an easily learned sequence. With this training you can efficiently get consistent results. You can be the healer that you always envisioned yourself to be.

THE RESULT: Your patients get well, stay well, and are eager to see their families and friends enjoy the same benefits.