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Advanced Clinical Training Graduates

Jean-Guy Daigneault, DC
Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiropractic, Lansing, MI

"This program has allowed me to gain certainty and knowingness that I can help the person in front of me..."

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Nutritional Supplement
Sales Monthly

Mark A. Pederson, D.C.
Family Chiropractic,
Warren, MN

"As I was going through the ACT modules, my patient
visits more than doubled!
And that’s with literally NO advertising!..."

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Nutritional Office Visits Weekly

Gary Saks, DC
Saks Wellness Center
Gaylord, MI

"I have been in practice for 32 years and I am an accomplished Applied Kinesiology practitioner using nutrition in my practice for my entire career with great success..."

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Nutritional Patient Visits Monthly

Abdul A. Muhammad, M.D.
Abundant Life Clinic, Washington DC

"Taking Dr. Freddie Ulan’s 'Secrets Seminar' in December 2004 was the
best thing I ever did..."

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Supplement Sales Quarterly

Ann M. Doggett, D.C., L.D.N.
Southbay Chiropractic
Quincy, MA

"Practice has grown beyond what I could have imagined four years ago. The joy is in knowing that this growth reflects our presence in the community..."

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Nutrition Products Sales Monthly

Jason Copping, D.C.
Solana Beach, CA
New Life Holistic Center

"Before July 2005, I was just getting by in my practice, frustrated with trying to
figure out things on my own.
Since then, PESI and UNS..."

Total Income Quarterly

Lori Puskar, D.C.
The Nutritional Healing Center, Hazleton, PA

"Sixteen new patients in 2 weeks! I have recently started implementing the “Internal and External Marketing Program” I got from PESI..."

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Total Patient Visits Weekly

Brian Walsh, D.C. and
Ann Walsh, O.M.

CARE Chiropractic and Wellness Center, West Melbourne, FL

"[Our] practice has grown from $9,000 a month to consistently over $20,000 a month..."

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Nutritional Patients Visits Monthly

Cameron L. Moorehead, DVM
Stone Mountain, GA

"Mastering the ACT means that there is no health situation that I can't handle. ..."

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Nutritional Product
Sales Monthly

Mark A. Perlmutter, D.C.
Ann Arbor, MI

"My Nutrition Response Testing SM journey began with a weekend seminar. I’d been to other nutrition seminars but this one was different..."

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Total Patient Visits Weekly

Paul Rosen, L.Ac.
AcuNatural Family Healthcare, Vancouver, WA

"Before I met Dr. Ulan my acupuncture practice was based on insurance and my nutrition component was quite small...."

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Nutrition Products Retail
Sales Quarterly

Shannon K. Roznay, D.C.
Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

"The Practice Growth Acceleration Program and Advanced Clinical Training have given me the confidence and skills..."

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Nutrition Patients Visits Monthly

Melvin Mashner, D.C.
and Syble Mashner, R.N.

Daphne Chiropractic & Natural Health Improvement Center, Daphne, AL

"Advanced Clinical Training has been an amazing adventure, so brilliant in its simplicity..."

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Nutrition Products
Income Monthly

Scott Sommer, L.Ac.
Nature Life Center, Orangevale, CA

"After listening for the first hour of Dr. Ulan’s lecture I knew that this was the missing tool in my practice. So when I found out that the Advanced Clinical Training..."

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Patient Visits Weekly

Tracy Erickson, L.Ac.
The Nutritional Healing Center, Tampa, FL

"The Advanced Clinical Training Program has been absolutely amazing professionally as well as personally..."

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Nutritional Patients Visits Weekly