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The Four Key Secrets to Becoming Known As a Healer

the first installment in a five-part series by

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

I want to tell you your story. I’m going to take some liberties here.

It starts with the viewpoint of “Why are we doing all of this?” Why are you a healthcare practitioner in the first place?

We all have particular letters behind our names that represent the training we chose to do in order to work in the healthcare field. I’m going to use chiropractors in my examples, but the same is true of anyone with a genuine (even if frustrated) purpose to help sick people get well.

What does the society know about a chiropractor?

We crack bones. You put out a shingle and said, “Hey, I’m a chiropractor, I’ll crack your bones. You want to come and be a patient?” “Okay, sure.” New patient comes in, does their paperwork, gets a great adjustment. So far, so good.

Here’s what happened, whether you know it or not. Somewhere, whether it was yesterday or fifteen years ago, you had a revelation. “Wow! I think my chronically ill patients have nutritional deficiencies, and it’s part of my job to detect them.”

You had the revelation, but your patients didn’t, nor your family members, nor your staff. They’re all thinking you’re the bone cracker. When you suddenly announce, “You’re going to change your diet, you’re going to start swallowing supplements,” it throws them into confusion. You didn’t bring them along for the ride, so they didn’t have this revelation.

What can you call yourself that communicates this purpose without restricting your treatment modalities? A healer.

I need you to get out of looking at yourself as a chiropractor (or an acupuncturist or a nurse) and recognize that your specialty is helping sick people get well through your healing knowledge. Because if you keep positioning yourself as the letters behind your name, you’re never going to make it.

There are four key secrets to having the practice of your dreams. I like to call them the four legs of your clinical mastery “table,” because it takes all four to form a stable foundation for success. I’ll keep the summaries brief here, and develop the ideas more fully in the next four emails.

The First Leg of the Table—Great Clinical Results

What if you had all the tools necessary to restore any non-terminal case to optimum health? Yes, we offer that. Our Route to Clinical Mastery subtracts years of trial and error from the learning curve. You don’t need to experiment with nutrition; the answers are all here in an easily learned sequence. With this training you can efficiently get consistent results.

THE RESULT: Your patients will get well, stay well, and bring in their families for treatment—assuming they comply with the program you give them, which requires having the second leg in place.

The Second Leg—Effective Patient Management

Ours is the first system to differentiate patient management from practice management, and to provide a separate curriculum for each.

We train practitioners in the precise and comprehensive system I devised to manage patients in my million-dollar all-cash nutrition practice in a sleepy upstate New York town. We provide everything from the forms, to the administrative procedures (including what to say), to the ideal office layout.

THE RESULT: A stress-free workflow, results, and referrals.

The Third Leg—Standard Practice Management

By going into practice for yourself, you became an executive. Fortunately for you, there are no “born executives,” only trained ones—and we make those here at UNS.

Thousands of practices have become prosperous by following the organizational pattern and procedures built into this system. There’s no guesswork here, just rock-solid certainties founded on decades of research and successful application.

THE RESULT: You can establish a team that works cooperatively and creatively to advance the goals and purposes you have defined for your practice.

The Fourth Leg—The “You” Component

Your practice is a mirror image of you.

It’s a terrible, unshakable truth that you’ll never have a patient who is more compliant than you are.  Do you have any patients who “sometimes” forget their lunch supplements? On closer questioning, does “sometimes” turn out to be almost every day? Don’t be the doctor who replies, “I can understand that. It happens to me all the time.”

THE RESULT: You have achieved the knowledge and skills needed to successfully remove personal barriers, and can rocket your practice to greater heights!


I have applied these four legs successfully, and that is why I was able to achieve the results I did in my own clinic. Having isolated these points as the keys to my practice success, I spent well over a decade developing and refining the means to communicate them, during which time we’ve helped hundreds of practitioners attain clinical mastery and recognition as healers.

Today, my quest is to reach every like-minded practitioner and share this information in its most streamlined and comprehensive form. If your desire and purpose is to bring your patients to optimal health naturally, without drugs, and without trial and error, please stay tuned for the second installment in this five-part series: The Clinical Leg.

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.
The Four Key Secrets to Becoming Known As a Healer
by Dr. Freddie Ulan

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.

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