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A Legacy of Health, Not Disability

By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

A body built on fake food has no structural integrity. These patients arrive in our offices in a state of near-collapse, wheezing, "Get me out of pain, Doc!" So we do. But how long does the relief last?

Francis Pottenger’s ten-year cat study showed that the damage caused by nutritional deficiencies is cumulative over generations. The test subjects suffered from most of the degenerative diseases encountered in human medicine and died out totally by the fourth generation.

Pottenger feared Americans would go the same route in the second half of the twentieth century. And while our patient population hasn't died out, that may be because they're living on preservatives!

Chiropractic school doesn't address this escalating nutritional challenge. When I went to school, it didn't have to! But times have changed.

If you want to become known as a true healer, what do you do? Symptom surveys get you partway. Sales reps and supplement catalogs teach you what they can. But the gulf between the systems available and the needs of our unresolving cases has been vast.

That is, before Nutrition Response Testing®.

We finally have the culmination of D.D. Palmer’s vision—“educated and innate intelligences able to converse with each other.” We take the case history and get the whole symptom picture, and get a feel of what’s going on. We start assessing our entire educated intelligence for possible solutions.

But what separates us from any other system is the next step. We actually consult the innate intelligence of the body with each of these options to see which ones best fit this patient at this time. Instead of just writing a prescription, we actually consult the patient’s body to see which one is right.

I know an excellent and highly regarded alternative medical practitioner who has gotten wonderful results on lots of cases that were considered throw-away by the medical profession. His biggest problem? No method of determining which of the various protocols is the right one for that patient at that time. “There are five possible things which can work. Each of them will take somewhere between two and three months to find out if they work. So we’ll start with this one, and come back in three months and we’ll see if you’re better or not.”

What this doctor is missing is the system that will enable an instantaneous readout from the body: “Well, gee, I have these five choices, but your body likes number three the best. Let’s start with that one!” Save you six months. That’s what we are doing with Nutrition Response Testing.

The body has a built-in computer with the job of keeping the body surviving, getting it recovering. This is the autonomic nervous system, and its status is an expression of the innate intelligence. It monitors the temperature, saline content, and a thousand other factors, in every cell of every organ system, and makes the needed adjustments so the body’s operator—the individual—doesn’t have to.

With Nutrition Response Testing, we check the computer. It tells us what the body needs, and we supply genuine replacement parts in the form of organic whole food supplements.

The body heals. Adjustments hold. And future generations have a legacy of health, not disability.

Message to Moms:

Your "Young Days" Aren't Over!

ACN Interview with Susan Cosgrove, DC

ACN: You have a combined chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing practice, right?

Susan:  Yes. A patient who presents with back pain, I’ll give him a series of adjustments. If the case isn’t resolving, I’ll do a nutritional evaluation. But I have a large family practice. I have a lot of moms who tell their friends, “Take the kids to her, she helps them with colds and things!”

A lot of kids don’t sleep very well; they are cranky; they don’t do well in school; they have an entire range of things wrong with them. It could be vaccines, immune challenges, parasites, crappy diet, all sorts of infections and things. We’re able to determine that immediately and put them on the correct supplement, and by the next week, Mom is saying, “My goodness! I have a new child!”

Nutrition Response Testing is an amazing evaluation system. If you can take an infant and determine what’s wrong with them immediately, that’s pretty impressive to a parent who can’t communicate to find out why they’re crying.

Some of my biggest Nutrition Response Testing wins are with moms who are threatened with hysterectomy and can’t stop bleeding. I was one of those, in fact.

ACN:  Are you one of the many who got into this for personal health reasons?

Susan:  No, I started using Standard Process products when I was in chiropractic college, and I married into a family of thirteen chiropractors who all used Standard Process. I learned everything I could about the products, and that inevitably brought me into contact with Dr. Ulan. But I’ve been bailed out of several health crises by Nutrition Response Testing.

After I had my children, I had a lot of menstrual problems. It actually got to the point that it was very difficult to leave the house because I had one menstrual period that kind of lasted all the time! I went to a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner I know, and he took care of that for me. He just handled it. I had to drive two and a half hours each way to see him—there was nobody around who could help me. I knew darned well that if I went to a medical doctor, I’d be in surgery. And I said, “That’s not going to happen.”

ACN:  And you’ve gotten  similar results in your practice?

Susan:  Yes, I’ve handled more than ten cases. We just test them and determine what’s wrong, and correct it, and everything normalizes.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with what happens after a hysterectomy, but you immediately go into menopause. And that creates a lot of aging changes in your body. It’s hard to keep your weight down; you’re not interested in having sex anymore; you get really cranky. These are the real issues of menopause. So if a doctor recommends a hysterectomy to a thirty-year-old, he’s effectively telling her that her “young person” life is over.

ACN:  Would you say this system infallibly zeroes in on the right thing? Or 99 times out of 100?

Susan:  If anything is infallible, it’s the autonomic nervous system’s ability to communicate the problem. And I’m very confident in my ability to get those answers. There may be multiple stressors and multiple deficiencies involved, but there’s always one correct priority for handling.

ACN:  By survey, most chiropractors use at least some nutrition in their practices. What’s your advice to someone who is interested in gaining these skills?

Susan:  First I’d ask them about their own personal health. We don’t get treated ourselves, a lot of us. We’re telling our spouses, “Here, get this with the activator!” or “Push here!”

You can get a health check at any Ulan Nutritional Systems One-Day Seminar, including the ones I teach in western New York. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of the subject.

But for anyone who wants to know more, it all starts with Dr. Ulan’s ebook.

Healthcare in Crisis
by Dr. Freddie Ulan
Message to Moms
Your "Young Days" Aren't Over Yet!
Interview with Susan Cosgrove, DC

"Because of the denaturation of foods, by refining and processing, we are overeating the fattening and energy-producing components, and literally starving for the vital vitamin and mineral factors in foods...which have become far scarcer and more difficult to obtain than at any time in the history of the human race."


-- Royal Lee and

Jerome S. Stolzoff

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