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The Second Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table: Effective Patient Management

the third installment in a five-part series by

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

So far in this series, we have introduced the four key components that must be present in order to have a true natural healing practice with community recognition as such (see first article) and discussed how to establish a strong “clinical leg,” making failed cases a thing of the past and getting the results you’ve always dreamed of (see second article).

Today we will examine how to make that practice work, starting the referral chain by reaching the type of patients most likely to become “zealots” for your practice.

Once you have the basics of Nutrition Response Testing® well in hand, patient compliance emerges as your next big challenge. You have to establish control of what the patient does between visits, or your work will go to waste. They can’t keep making themselves sick and hope to get well.

Can patients be controlled well enough to take their supplements on schedule, maintain a food diary, and gradually replace their most self-destructive eating habits with slightly better ones? Most patients can. We discover the ones who can’t by the second visit and tell them, “I’m sorry,  you are not a nutritional patient.” In other words, we help the many who can be helped with designed clinical nutrition, and we don’t give ourselves morale-killing failures with the few who can’t.

Many abandoned practices could have been saved with this single datum.

Don’t ever try and convert the skeptic who needs to see double-blind studies of muscle testing before they’ll agree to a program. They fundamentally don’t agree with you and your mission.  You have other people in your community that do agree with you, and your job is to go find and work with them. I call them “healing-minded” patients.

And by the way, your male patients are not healing-minded, they’re pain-driven. This brings us to another basic key that years of schooling won’t make up for in its absence: your target market is moms between the ages of 35 and 55.

I’m not suggesting that you neglect Dad, I’m saying he won’t seek your help until Mom tells him to. This means that you have to solve Mom’s problems first and make her a zealot.

A Referral-Based Practice

Do that, and you magically have a referral-based practice, which is the holy grail for any practice management guru I’ve ever talked to.

You want to know what women are primarily concerned with?  It’s not pain. Women put up with the pain of childbearing.  Women go to work with migraines. Pain is not what keeps her in bed. Women are primarily concerned with the ability to function: “How can I go to work with the migraine and still get the job done, take care of the kids and get dinner on the table?” This makes her much more of a wellness-oriented, healing-minded patient.

Why the ages of 35 to 55?  Below the age of 35, her system is still pumped up with growth hormones that allow her to cheat on sleep and nutrition, so she can still go out and have the cheesecake and wine with the girls on a Friday night, and make it to the 6:00 a.m. hot yoga class with no problem. When she’s about 42 and she tries to do the cheesecake and the wine, flu, headaches, diarrhea, and regret will be the payoff, not a 6:00 class.

Why is 55 the upper end, then?  If you have not gotten to these patients by the age of 55, most likely  they already have been entrapped in the medical model, meaning that they probably already are on a few drugs. They might have already been chemo’d or irradiated, or body parts already chopped out or cut or sliced.

If you really work your magic with this type of patient, she becomes an evangelist for you and your “magical” results, whether she understands muscle-testing or not. Then you get the kids as patients, and with your advancing clinical skills in Nutrition Response Testing, you can reverse the damage of vaccines that we know as autism; you can do any number of things.

Now, I want to bring up something here. Many practitioners new to these concepts ask us questions like, “Wow, really? How can you learn so much in a short office visit and be sure you’ve got it right?” Or “How can you wean someone away from sugar and junk food when they’re constantly surrounded by it?”

Rest assured that we did not achieve such effectiveness overnight: our system is a result of many years of practice, testing, and refinement. In fact, there are many more secrets to effective nutritional patient management, and it takes us three days of working through a hefty manual to impart them all.

What Secrets Are Revealed?

  • The exact system for getting patients to commit to 1-2 year programs.
  • The exact procedures and paperwork for better patient compliance.
  • How to generate an abundance of referrals.
  • How to improve your bedside manner and doctor savvy so you always do and say the right thing.
  • How to hire and train the best staff.
  • How to promote and market to Healing oriented type patients.
  • How to turn patients and staff into zealots who build the practice for you… And so much more.

We provide the blueprint of a model practice, both literally and figuratively: all the forms, procedures, “what to say,” how to structure each visit—and even a floor plan of the office for optimal efficiency.

But with just these few points outlined above, you can make more progress in the first year or two of your nutritional practice component than you otherwise would in a decade.

Take It From a Busy Practitioner

Now you understand how to get great clinical results and how to get patients working with you rather than against you. Next we’ll examine the practice management “leg” that can support expansion of your business to the high-volume success you’ve dreamed of.

So please stay tuned.

Yours in health,

Dr. Freddie Ulan

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.


The Second Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table: Effective Patient Management
by Dr. Freddie Ulan

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.

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