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The First Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table: Great Clinical Results

the second installment in a five-part series by

Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

In the first of this five part-series, we covered the four key components that must be present in order to have a true natural healing practice with community recognition as such. That first article (read it here) likens these key elements to the legs of a table.

In this second article, we will talk about how to establish a strong “clinical leg,” making failed cases a thing of the past and getting the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing the exact right thing to do for a patient, yet the patient got worse?

Have you tried every nutritional “silver bullet” that came along—until you gave up in frustration?

When my life was on the line, I had to come up with the right answers. Any more trial and error, and I would have been dead in my forties. The right answers just weren’t forthcoming until I abandoned the medical/pharmaceutical model of “one cure for one condition.” (The constant flow of nutritional products being shoved in our faces by their promoters as panaceas is a confession of how flawed that approach is.)

I had to return to the roots of chiropractic for a theoretical basis that would lead me in the right direction. D.D. Palmer wrote prophetically  in 1910:

When Educated and Innate Intelligence are able to converse with each other (a possibility which not a very distant future may disclose), we shall be able to make a correct diagnosis.

We had fallen into the medical trap of ignoring the body’s intelligence, and presuming that our own intelligence could dictate that body’s needs based on symptoms. This will never work—no matter how many more billions are poured into clinical trial and error. Two symptom pictures that look the same may have widely divergent causes—and nearly always do.

Getting Real Answers

The innate intelligence resides in the autonomic nervous system, which keeps track of everything that is going on in every organ system. I reasoned that if we could somehow get a readout from this sophisticated computer, we could help the body heal itself rather than continue fighting the information it was trying to give us (the symptoms).

My search and discovery across a broad spectrum of nutritional testing methodologies yielded some promising results, though none got consistent results in a relatively short office visit yielding a pill count that was affordable for a cash-paying patient.

My own pill count, early in this research, was so high that I had to start seeing quite a few patients just to pay my supplement bill. I knew patients would never comply with swallowing that many capsules in a day, let alone be able to pay for them.

In this fashion, working with patients while resolving the most extreme case (my own), I evolved a workable set of criteria for a clinical system that resolves all non-terminal cases and that patients can routinely comply with.

The Criteria of a Workable System

First, the system must establish immediately whether or not the patient is a candidate for nutritional health restoration. It must screen out the (relatively few) patients whose systems had already been wrecked by medical interventions.

Second, it would enable the practitioner to rapidly identify the hidden stressors that otherwise prevent healing even with the right protocol—as well as the factors that actually cause a downturn in the case when the correct remedy is applied. These are the factors that tend to destroy your confidence in your own skills.

Having cleared these hurdles, your ideal system must be able to zero in on the underlying cause(s) of the condition—and their priority, meaning the correct sequence for effectively handling them. Any “one size fits all” formula is really a formula for failure. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard things like: “You must detox the bowels first, then the kidneys, then the liver.” If that’s right for one case, you can count on it being wrong for the next ten.

Once you have this all figured out, it must enable you to minimize the pill count and thus the expense to the patient.

And once the patient has started on a program, your system must enable you to rapidly and accurately monitor the patient’s response and fine-tune the program on a week-to-week basis, using objective (actual physical, not just subjective) findings, not just observation of symptoms. Remember, true healing is not symptom suppression. It’s health restoration. Relying on symptoms often leads to wrong programs being continued or correct ones being abandoned.

The system must include a procedure to determine patients’ compliance or non-compliance to the program they’ve been given so you can know why the program is working or not, based on the patient actually doing it or not!

Most importantly: given a system that accomplishes all of the above, its correct application must produce duplicable results, from visit to visit and patient to patient, across the entire spectrum of your practice.

Goal Attained

Compare what you are currently doing to the “ideal scene” I have described above. If it meets all these criteria, your practice is founded on a strong clinical “leg.” The other three “legs” may still need work, as we’ll discuss later in this series.

If, however, your clinical procedure and results compare unfavorably on one or more points, I invite you to look into Nutrition Response Testing®. It does meet all of these requirements, and our teaching methodology evolved over the past 20 years makes it accessible to anyone qualified to practice in the healing arts. With this training, you can efficiently get consistent results and achieve your personal “healer purpose.”

For a more detailed explanation of what Nutrition Response Testing is, I invite you to read this article.

For an amazing first-hand experience with Nutrition Response Testing, including your own health check and program, we make inexpensive one-day classes available all over the country.

As stated in my original letter to you, once you have the best possible clinical system, your patients will get well, stay well, and bring in their families for treatment—assuming they comply with the program you give them, which is the subject of my next installment: Effective Patient Management.

Please stay tuned.

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.
The First Leg of the Clinical Mastery Table: Great Clinical Results
by Dr. Freddie Ulan

For more information, email or call 866-418-4801 Ext. 303.

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